The Careers & Enterprise Company is a government backed organisation that is connecting and galvanising schools, colleges and employers to deliver effective careers support to young people.

Our vision is to become the one place schools, colleges, employers and providers come to if they want to invest efficiently and effectively in preparing young people for the future.

Everyone instinctively knows that connections between education and employment matter. Research shows the massive impact this can have on a young person’s future.

A young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

However only in 40% of schools are young people having even one encounter with an employer a year.

Thousands of schools, colleges, employers and providers are putting huge efforts into addressing this and investing millions of hours and pounds in it every year. But efforts are evaporating because they are not well linked up.

The Careers & Enterprise Company is forging these links.  We are building a nationwide network of employers, schools, colleges, and providers to support the delivery of high impact and well evidenced careers and enterprise activity across England.

Employees speak with each other at a networking event

Since our set up in 2015 we have grown quickly. We now have:

  • Signed up over 1300 schools and colleges– that’s over a third of secondary schools and colleges in England
  • Built a network of 90 professional and well trained 'Enterprise Coordinators’ across England, helping schools and colleges build effective careers and employer engagement plans
  • Recruited more than 1300 ‘Enterprise Advisers’ who work with our schools and colleges, providing links to local employers, 52% of these are CEO, Director or Chair level
  • Invested £8.5m in scaling up proven careers and enterprise programmes, like World Skills and Young Enterprise that will reach over 275,000 young people
  • Funneled a further £10m cash match from external investors to support our programmes and network 
  • Published leading research on areas of need and what works in careers and enterprise

Why we exist

Society and the economy will benefit from closer links between business and schools/colleges
There is a consensus amongst government, business and education that more can be done to prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work.
Youth unemployment is 3 times higher than total unemployment. There are over 750,000 vacancies but 631,000 young people remain unemployed.  Young people are struggling to get jobs, over a third of vacancies are due to a shortage of skills.
At the Careers & Enterprise Company we believe that if more young people can be supported with well evidenced and relevant careers provision, they will flourish and so will our economy.

Pupils conduct a science experiment in a workplace laboratory setting with an employee mentoring them

The research is telling us exactly what is required to address the challenges
A young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely be unemployed or ‘NEET’ (Not in Education, Employment or Training).
Encounters are a very clear place to start. However, they are only part of the puzzle.
The Gatsby Foundation has set out a clear solution for what young people need:

  1. Encounters with employers, with workplaces and with further higher education. Four or more of these are evidenced to reduce a young person’s chance of becoming NEET by 86%
  2. Information about local jobs and how the curriculum connects to careers
  3. A plan tailored to individual needs and supported by guidance

At The Careers & Enterprise Company we are committed to working with others to create a network that delivers these encounters and helps schools and colleges build careers and enterprise aligned with this and best practice.

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