1. Getting started as an Enterprise Adviser 4. Webinars
2. Compass and Tracker 5. Engaging new schools and employers
3. Careers education resources 6. Careers Hubs resources

1. Getting started as an Enterprise Adviser

Use our Roadmap to discover more about the role of an Enterprise Adviser and how you can work effectively with your school.

Enterprise Adviser Roadmap [PDF]
Enterprise Adviser examples of best practice [PDF]


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2. Compass and Tracker

Compass helps a school or college evaluate themselves against the Gatsby Benchmarks, and Tracker allows them to build and maintain their careers plan for the year.  

Compass questions for schools [PDF]
Compass questions for colleges [PDF]
Tracker questions [PDF]
Digital Tool Guidance [PDF]


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3. Careers education resources

These resources are a great source of helpful information about the careers education landscape. We're also continuing to support you with our growing evidence base of 'what works' as we publish new research reports

The Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit for secondary schools [PDF]
The Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit for colleges [PDF]
Guide to the Education Landscape [PDF]
Activities Guide for Schools [PDF]
Glossary [PDF]
Quick Wins for Parental Engagement [PDF]

This more in-depth information can help you with engaging students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit [PDF]
National Grid employer engagement toolkit [PDF]
National Grid programme – overview [VIDEO]
National Grid programme – from schools perspective [VIDEO]
National Grid programme – from employer perspective [VIDEO]
A PowerPoint to help you share National Grid’s approach with businesses [PPT]
National Grid programme - webinar [VIDEO]
National Grid programme webinar slides [PDF]


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4. Webinars

Our webinars introduce you to useful education concepts and ways of working.

Implementing the Careers Strategy - schools webinar (Alistair Falk) [VIMEO]
Alistair Falk slides [PPT]
Implementing the Careers Strategy - what EAs need to know (Karleen Dowden) [VIMEO]
Karleen Downden slides [PPT]
Our work [VIMEO]
The educational landscape [VIMEO]
Our evidence-based approach [VIMEO]
Apprenticeship Levy - DfE Guidance [VIMEO]
The value of jargon-free jobs - Business in the Community [VIMEO]
Labour Market Information (LMI) for all - DfE [VIMEO]
Becoming an apprenticeship specialist [VIMEO]


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5. Engaging new schools and employers

These resources can help bring new schools and businesses on board. The employers leaflets and Education Roadmap are great starting points to share with these stakeholders.

Large Employers leaflet [PDF]
Small Employers leaflet [PDF]
Education Roadmap [PDF]
Memorandum of Understanding for schools [DOC]
Enterprise Adviser Activity Overview [DOC]
Schools and Colleges leaflet [PDF]
Working Together certificate [DOC]

EA Business Card Template  [PDF]
How to articulate school need template [DOC]
General careers activities template [DOC]
Example project plan [XLS]
Example letter [DOC]
Example database [XLS]


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6. Careers Hubs resources 

Use the Roadmap to discover more about starting a careers hub and what success could look like through your journey.

Hub Lead Roadmap 


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