Opportunity Areas are areas of low social mobility as identified by the Social Mobility Commission. These areas cover 12 coastal, rural and urban areas.

As part of the Government’s Opportunity Area programme, we have committed to work with Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities, careers providers, employers and educational establishments to ensure that each of the 170,000 young people at school or college in these Opportunity Areas has four or more encounters with the world of work during their school and college years.

In the last year, we have targeted resources and support to all twelve Opportunity Areas, in partnership with LEPs, schools and businesses, where over 300,000 encounters with the world of work have been delivered. We have:

  • established a community of over 60 Cornerstone Employers; local and national employers who work together to support young people in their area
  • provided the dedicated resource of at least one Enterprise Coordinator, in every Opportunity Area and access to an Enterprise Adviser, our senior business volunteers
  • delivered over £2 million of funding support across the Opportunity Areas via our Careers & Enterprise Funds to scale up existing, effective careers programmes.

Our Commitment plans for each of the 12 Opportunity Areas outline the priorities for each area and the role of employers in delivering against these.