Careers Excellence Awards 2019

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In partnership with the Gatsby Foundation, we’re shining a light on best practice careers provision in schools, colleges, employers, local areas and providers across the country. We’d like to invite you to register your interest and share the work you’ve been doing to inspire and prepare young people for the world of work.

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Careers Education Excellence Awards

The Careers & Enterprise Company, partnering with the Gatsby Foundation has launched this year's Careers Excellence Awards 2019.

For the third year running, our Awards shine a light on best practice careers provision – inspiring and preparing young people for success in the world of work.

The Awards highlight the incredible work underway by schools and colleges, businesses, volunteers, Local Enterprise Partnerships and careers providers. This is a key opportunity to showcase the commitment and dedication of many of the fantastic organisations and individuals working hard in careers provision.

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Careers Education Excellence Awards


The Awards are made up of 10 categories – acknowledging and celebrating the efforts of a diverse range of people contributing to world class careers provision in England.

The categories highlight the talent and expertise required to reach the Gatsby Benchmarks, build networks and support careers leaders.

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Raising the aspirations of young people is crucial when it comes to unlocking the future of work in England. As a community of policymakers, business people and teachers – we need to shine a light on the best ways this is being done.

Sir John Holman, Senior Adviser to the Gatsby Foundation
Careers Education Excellence Awards

Our Partner

We are proud to be partnering with the Gatsby Foundation in our joint commitment to strengthen England’s high-quality career guidance for young people. Gatsby is a foundation set up by David Sainsbury to realise his charitable objectives. In 2014, the Gatsby Foundation published a report by Professor Sir John Holman, Senior Advisor in Education at the Gatsby Foundation, titled “Good Career Guidance.” The report identified eight benchmarks that define world-class career guidance. Since the launch of the Government’s Careers Strategy in 2017, all schools and colleges in England are working to meet each of the eight benchmarks. At The Careers & Enterprise Company, supporting schools and colleges to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks is central to our mission.

We look forward to celebrating progress and best practice at the Careers Excellence Awards 2019. Find out more about the Gatsby Foundation here.

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Your questions answered

To apply, please register your interest here. You will then be able to download an Application Pack, including the Application Guidance and Form for your chosen category. To apply, please send the completed application form to
The eligibility requirements can be found in the Application Guidance for each category. For all the Awards, you must be over 18 years of age and the nomination needs to be for work delivered in England.
Each Award Category has specific requirements for supporting evidence to accompany the submission. These images must be submitted as jpeg or png versions. More information can be found in the Application Guidance.
The winners will be selected through a thorough assessment process using the criteria set out in the Application Guidance. Following shortlisting, a panel of judges chaired by Sir John Holman will select the winners in each category.
The shortlisted entries will be informed no later than the 9 August. The winners will be announced at an Award Ceremony kindly hosted by the Royal Society of Chemistry on Friday 27 September.

The awards’ focus is on best practice and demonstrating impact including those who are transforming the careers landscape. The bar is high - we want to ensure that the winners represent and are celebrated as the best in class. The application aligns to the requirements of Gatsby Benchmarks, widely accepted as the gold standard for excellent careers support provision, and our application forms are consistent with this guidance for quality assurance.

The evidence requirements secure a robust scoring process, as the awards recognise excellence in each respective category. The Careers Excellence Awards celebrate those who are willing to share best practice to continue improving careers provision in future years.

A comprehensive category summary is provided for you to download here.