We are inviting bids for up to 20 new or expanded Careers Hubs to be created across England.

These Hubs are in addition to the 20 Hubs which were launched in 2018.

Careers Hubs comprise of up to 40 (for new Hubs) or 60 (for extensions to existing Hubs) schools and colleges working together with universities, training providers, employers and careers professionals to improve careers education.

Careers Hubs are a central part of the government’s Careers Strategy, published in December 2017. In the second wave of Careers Hubs, £2.5m, has been allocated until July 2020 to support the new or expanded Hubs.

The key components are:

  • For new Hubs only: a ‘Hub Lead’ working with existing Enterprise Coordinators, all trained in how to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks. The Hub Lead and Enterprise Coordinators will support schools and colleges, each with an Enterprise Adviser, to deliver against the Gatsby Benchmarks. The Hub Lead also coordinates activity, builds local networks e.g. with employers, businesses and higher and further education providers, and is responsible for reporting oversight, stakeholder engagement and evaluation.Note: we do not anticipate that bids for the expansion of existing Hubs will include the need for addition Hub Leads.
  • 50% match funding from The Careers & Enterprise Company for additional Enterprise Coordinators (in addition to existing 50% match for current Enterprise Coordinators).
  • A small Central Hub Fund of around £1,000 per school/college to support the Hub in delivering its goals. This Hub fund will offer the opportunity to fund activities which benefit schools and colleges across the Hub, such as apprenticeship events, and broader learning and sharing events.
  • Support from the North East LEP through its programme of study visits for other areas developing Careers Hubs.
  • Support from The Careers & Enterprise Company through Regional Leads, consultancy from a team of experienced school leaders, regular training for Hub staff and a growing body of best practice and resources.

If you are interested in bidding for a new or expanded Careers Hub, please:

  1. Read our prospectus.
  2. Register your interest in applying and book a provisional interview slot by emailing lepinfo@careersandenterprise.co.uk by 3pm on 25 January 2019 to book a provisional interview slot.
  3. Complete an eligibility form which will help you determine if your bid is eligible.
  4. Complete and submit both the eligibility form and an application form by 3pm on 22 February 2019 to lepinfo@careersandenterprise.co.uk.

Please note late submissions will not be accepted.

If you are an eligible applicant for a new or expanded Careers Hub, you will:

  1. Be expected to attend an interview with representatives of The Careers & Enterprise Company and our independent assessors between 11 and 22 March 2019 to discuss your application in more detail.
  2. Be expected to send a team comprising of LEP/CA/other lead bidder, a representative from the lead school/college and a representative from the local business community.

We are expecting to notify successful applicants by 12 April 2019, with the new or expanded Hubs being operational from September 2019.