| Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks

We have partnered with the CBI to undertake research to better understand how employers engage with schools. From this research we have produced this practical guide for employers who want to engage with schools together with a compendium of case studies from businesses.

The guide is broken down into four key areas focusing on:

  • Why employers should engage with schools
  • Who should be engaged in the process
  • What activities to undertake
  • How to be effective

Download the guide [PDF]

Supporting case studies [PDF]

The research shows that engagement not only allows employers to add value to schools and the lives of young people, but that young people and schools in turn give huge value to employers. In addition to the hard business case for engaging with schools, employers told us that volunteering their time to help young people brings their employees joy, increases brand loyalty and importantly helps young people to consider certain career paths and industries for the first time.