Cold Spots Reports

In 2015 we developed a model to help us understand where in the country was most in need of support with careers activity provision and identified these areas as 'Cold Spots'. This helped us focus attention and to allocate our initial investment fund as well as support other organisations to prioritise.

The Cold Spots model used a range of indicators to identify areas in greatest need of career support. These indicators drew together data from education and the labour market to identify economic disadvantage, outcomes for young people, and employer engagement opportunities. LEP areas were able to see how they compared to the rest of the country.

Following the first Cold Spots report in 2015, the analysis was updated in 2016 and 2018. With the launch of Careers Hubs in 2018, we took a different approach to targeting disadvantage, with a greater focus on the schools and colleges in need of careers support. For this reason, and because some of the indicators are no longer available, we do not currently plan to update the Cold Spots analysis.


Download the 2015 report here and download the prioritisation indicators data here

Download the 2016 report here and download the prioritisation indicators data here

Download the 2018 report here and download the LEP and LA data spreadsheet here