The Enterprise Adviser Network

Our vision is to be the one place schools, colleges, employers and careers programme providers come to if they want to invest effectively and efficiently in preparing young people for their future.

We provide the tools and resources that Enterprise Advisers and Enterprise Coordinators need to support schools and colleges with developing a sustainable, high-quality careers and enterprise plan which places opportunities with employers at the heart of a young person’s education.

​Our ambition for the Enterprise Adviser Network:

  • More employer encounters: We will ensure that every young person in England gets at least 4 employer and workplace encounters
  • Start younger: We will make sure that careers education starts in year 7
  • Follow the impact: We will incorporate evidence of what works to guide careers planning in schools and colleges
  • Make it last: We will embed an ethos that celebrates careers and enterprise opportunities and places them at the heart of schools, colleges and the curriculum

Tools and resources

Below are links to the tools and resources that Enterprise Advisers and Enterprise Coordinators can use to support development of plans for careers and enterprise provision in their school or college.

The process is split into 3 phases:


Build a relationship and review current careers provision

In the initial stages you will take a look at the existing careers and enterprise activities your school or college has and opportunities for development. The tools below can be used to guide this process.

Audit and Development Tool (Excel)      

Compass Tool (pdf)  


Establish a careers and enterprise plan

The activity guide will help you to find providers and activities that your school will benefit from, as identified during your audit process.
This includes programmes funded by our Careers and Enterprise and Mentoring Funds.

Guide to careers activities in schools and colleges 

See: Careers & Enterprise Fund grant recipients by area 
See: 2016 Mentoring Fund grant recipients


Implementing the plan and evaluating provision

At this point you can start to evaluate the impact your provision has had and how it can continue to grow into the future.

We will support you by continually reviewing and sharing what works for young people in careers and enterprise provision in the research that we do.

Find out about our research into careers and enterprise provision


Enterprise Adviser Roadmap

The Enterprise Adviser Roadmap details the journey of an Enterprise Adviser and relates to the three phases outlined above. The Roadmap contains links to tools that are useful at each phase.

Enterprise Adviser Roadmap (pdf)

Enterprise Adviser Toolkit

Our full toolkit for Enterprise Advisers and Coordinators is available here. The toolkit, or reference manual, supports the work of the Network and includes a wide range of materials to enable Enterprise Advisers and Coordinators to get up to speed quickly.

Enterprise Adviser Toolkit (pdf)