Our Enterprise Adviser Network bridges the gap between education and employers

The Enterprise Adviser Network is a national network that connects schools and colleges with employers and careers programme providers to work together to create meaningful encounters with the world of work for young people. 

The network is based on evidence that a young person who has four or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up to 18% more during their career.

At the moment only 40% of schools offer young people this kind of encounter, and unemployment among young people is three times higher than overall unemployment.

Our focus is to address this gap by bringing together employers, schools and colleges, and careers programme providers to:

  • give young people multiple opportunities to get to know the world of work, understand what work is, explore their options and build real confidence about their future 
  • bring the right people together to create strong connections between employers and careers programme providers and schools and colleges in ways that put young people’s futures first

Our goals

  •  More encounters: at least 4 employer and workplace encounters for young people.
  • Start younger: ensure careers education begins at year 7.
  •  Follow the impact: incorporate the evidence of ‘what works’ to guide strategic careers planning in schools and colleges (mentoring, enterprise competitions and work-related learning).
  •  Make it last: Embed in the curriculum and celebrate an ethos that places careers and enterprise opportunities at the heart of the school or college.

How the network supports schools, colleges and employers

The network is made up of Enterprise Coordinators who we co-fund with Local Enterprise Partnerships. Enterprise Coordinators are trained professionals who:

  •  work with clusters of 20 schools and colleges to build careers plans
  •  make connections to local and national employers

Each school and college is supported by an Enterprise Adviser, a senior business volunteer, who:

  •  helps unlock relationships with other local employers
  • provides the head teacher or careers team with strategic counsel to develop an effective careers strategy

Join the network

Whether you’re a school, college or business that wants to join, or a senior business volunteer, getting involved is quick and easy.

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