Our vision is to create a strong network linking schools and colleges with business and careers activities that make an impact so that every young person in England is prepared for the fast-changing world of work. Our research shows that being better prepared for work means making better choices. 

Our Enterprise Advisers are business volunteers who support a local school or college to develop an employer engagement plan that places opportunities with employers at the heart of a young person’s education. We develop tools and resources for Enterprise Advisers to help raise young people’s aspirations and confidence and to impact their journey into the workplace. 

With support from the Enterprise Adviser Network, Enterprise Advisers can build long-lasting relationships with your school or college, spending around 8 hours per month for one academic year flexibly fitting their role into their work schedule. 

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The mission of the network

Through the Enterprise Adviser Network, we will deliver the following:

  • More is more: We will ensure every young person in England gets at least four employer and workplace encounters
  • Start younger: We will make sure careers education starts in year 7
  • Follow the impact: We will incorporate evidence of what works to guide careers planning in schools and colleges
  • Make it last: We will embed an ethos that celebrates careers and enterprise opportunities and places them at the heart of schools and colleges and their curriculum

What we’ve achieved so far

Since we started in 2015, we've: 

  • Built a nationwide network across 38 out of 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) with over 1000 business volunteers, our Enterprise Advisers, giving their time to a local school or college
  • Scaled up what works to benefit 250,000 young people this academic year by investing £10m, plus £5m in match funding, in proven careers and enterprise activity programmes across England
  • Developed a solid research base to identify where careers and enterprise activities are needed most across England and focused resources in these area

How schools and colleges benefit

Enterprise Advisers work with their school or college to develop a strategy to increase careers, enterprise and employer engagement based on what works. By bringing local business people from their own network to deliver careers and enterprise activities, Enterprise Advisers introduce young people to the world of work to help prepare them for future decisions.

How local businesses benefit

Having employees volunteer as an Enterprise Adviser in a local school or college gives businesses access to local, regional and national networks with education and industry stakeholders. Enterprise Advisers are introduced to diverse, entry-level talent for potential future recruitment, along with a range of evidence based tools which guide careers activities that work and improve return on investment. 

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