Bridging the gap between employers and education

Rapid technological development is bringing huge change to the labour market, and at the same time the education system is shifting. This can leave many young people overwhelmed by the choices in front of them.

We work in partnership with businesses to ensure they find the right future talent for their organisation and offer every young person, no matter their background, the opportunity to explore their options and succeed in the world of work.

Encounters with employers bring the world of work to life for young people. Research shows that a young person who has 4 or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up to 18% more during their career.

Join the Enterprise Adviser Network and your business can connect with schools and colleges in ways that prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work.

Why this is right for your business

  • Offer opportunities for meaningful work encounters in your business and help young people prepare for their future working lives.
  • Build strong working relationships with schools and colleges, giving you direct access to an entry-level talent pool.
  • Benefit from opportunities to connect directly with local and national influencers, leading organisations across England, funding partners and careers programme providers.
  • Get expert support to take your own outreach programmes into more schools and colleges, widening access to a diverse range of young talent.

There are also rewarding benefits for your employees

  • Becoming an Enterprise Adviser can support staff to move from middle to senior management, developing their strategic and business planning skills.
  • Taking part in inspirational work activities and programmes can support your junior staff to build presentation, communication and leadership skills.
  • Participating builds understanding of the environment your future talent is coming from and the challenges they face.

How to get involved

We’re already working with 1,600 secondary schools and colleges across England. But we need your help to grow and strengthen the network.

Getting involved is simple. You can:

  • become an Enterprise Adviser and work with a local school or college to help develop their careers and enterprise plan
  • offer young people encounters with the world of work, such as mentoring or work experience
  • encourage your staff to volunteer for local outreach activities or work encounters
  • take your school engagement programmes into more schools and colleges

However you want to help, we’ll support you with practical tools, evidence-based resources and day-to-day guidance from a free, trained local Enterprise Coordinator.

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