Funding successful mentoring programmes

In January 2016 the government announced the launch of a national mentoring campaign to strengthen and support mentoring across the country. Our role in this important mission is to bring together schools and colleges, employers, mentoring organisations and young people to grow the number of high-quality, employer-led mentoring relationships across England.

The Mentoring Fund is used to support year 8-10 students who are at risk of disengaging from education. Our Mapping Disengagement research provides a model to measure disengagement across England. Funds are then allocated to organisations across the country to help them work with employers to deliver more successful mentoring to support more young people.

Why mentoring makes a difference

Mentoring can support young people’s engagement with education, their attainment and transition to work. Evidence shows that employer mentoring can have a significant impact on young people, and be a positive experience for mentors. Positive outcomes for young people include improvements in behaviour, engagement, attainment and progression.

Read our Effective Employer Mentoring research

Engaging more young people

Our aim is to support 25,000 young people who are at risk of disengaging, by 2020.