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Active funds

Please note: these funds are now being delivered and are no longer accepting applications.


Careers & Enterprise Fund 2018

The Careers and Enterprise Fund 2018 has invested £4.2 million in supporting the delivery of Employer Encounters through 12 Careers Hubs and in 25 disadvantaged areas (Part A) and programmes supporting disadvantaged groups (Part B).

Part A: Employer Encounters

We invested a total of £2.5 million in programmes selected by schools and colleges in 37 areas of need. Of this, £1.25 million has been invested into 12 careers hubs, selected through disadvantage measures, and a further £1.25 million has been invested in 25 disadvantaged areas, with each school being offered on average £5,000.

The following areas are virtual wallet recipients: • Black Country Consortium (HUB) • Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly (HUB) • East Sussex (HUB) • Greater Manchester (HUB) • Lancashire (HUB) • Leeds City Region (HUB) • Leicester and Leicestershire (HUB) • Liverpool City Region (HUB) • North East (HUB) • Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire (HUB) • Tees Valley (HUB) • West of England (HUB) • Birmingham • County Durham • Coventry • Croydon • Great Yarmouth & Waveney • Knowsley & Halton • Lambeth • Leeds • Leicester • Lewisham • Liverpool • Manchester • Medway • Newham • Nottingham • Peterborough • Rotherham • Salford • Sandwell • Sheffield • Southampton • Tameside • Wakefield • Walsall

Part B: Disadvantaged Groups
  • Goal: To test new approaches for disadvantaged groups to broaden aspirations and raise awareness of pathways into training and work.
  • Investment: £1.7m
  • Timeline: Fund delivery until August 2020.
  • Supporting research: Careers and Enterprise Fund 2018 - Disadvantaged Groups

For Part B, we've invested £1.7 million for disadvantaged groups. The areas of focus are SEND students, Looked After Children and Care Leavers, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people. As part of the £1.7 million, £200,000 has been specifically invested in activity around employer engagement and support to improve confidence of both employers and SEND students.


Mentoring Fund and Mentoring Extension Fund


Opportunity Areas Fund

  • Goal: To support the delivery of employer encounters for young people from disadvantaged areas in the second wave of the Government’s Opportunity Areas. 
  • Investment: £1.5m
  • Timeline: Fund delivery until September 2019.
  • Supporting research: Year one impact report [PDF]


Opportunity Areas Extension Fund

  • Goal: To sustain the delivery of employer encounters for young people from disadvantaged areas in the first and second wave of the Government’s Opportunity Areas.
  • Investment: £2.2m
  • Timeline: Fund delivery until August 2020.
  • Supporting publications: Next six opportunity area plans launched


Personal Guidance Fund

  • Goal: To support the development of innovative, cost-effective models for personal careers guidance in schools and colleges, harnessing learning and best practice that can be disseminated to the sector.
  • Investment: £2.5m
  • Timeline: Fund delivery until September 2020.
  • Supporting research: Personal Guidance. What Works?


Careers Leaders Fund

There are still places available to apply. Please register your interest here:

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Primary Fund

  • Goal: To build the evidence base to better understand the impact of career-related learning activities with primary school children, including good practice to be promoted at primary level.
  • Investment: £2.0m
  • Timeline: Fund delivery until August 2020.
  • Supporting research: Career-related learning in primary. What works?

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