Lots of effective career-related learning takes place in primary schools, but it's often hard to learn about and lacks a clear framework. We’re working with a range of organisations to help build and share a definitive knowledge base, complete with programmes and proven approaches.

About the Primary Fund

Career-related learning in primary schools should encourage exploration and understanding of the wider world of work.

We know that children start to adopt stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity and social background as early as the age of six. These stereotypes impact their learning and, as the progress through secondary school, narrow their subject choices and career aspirations. Career-related learning is a great way to challenge these stereotypes and broaden a child's idea of who they could become.

Funded organisations

The Primary Fund consisted of two components:

  1. Scaling existing programmes - Proposals from organisations seeking to expand their programme delivery. See the programmes awarded funding.

  2. Developing new programmes - Proposals from organisations seeking to develop and test innovative career-related learning activities. See the programmes awarded funding.

For more information about the fund and the criteria that was used to evaluate bidding organisations, download the Primary Fund prospectus below. We’re excited to see how the funded programmes develop over the 2019/2020 academic year and will share our findings through documentation and a toolkit.

Download prospectus (PDF)