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Young people have expectations put on them - both high and low. Put in a box. Put on a pile. But what they really need is the Unexpected. Someone who knows that life isn’t one size fits all. Someone who knows there’s more to people than meets the eye. Someone who’s got a little to give, and a lot to gain, from helping the next generation. Someone a lot like you. Are you an #UnexpectedMentor?

Become an #UnexpectedMentor

Everyone has skills, qualities and experiences to offer that can bring out the best in young people. You are certain to have faced challenges in your life that have made you who you are today. We’re looking for mentors from all walks of life who can use their unique range of experience and skills to relate to the young people they mentor.

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A small amount of time spent mentoring a young person can help them discover their hidden potential and change the way they see the world around them. And the benefits don’t stop with those being mentored. Not only can mentoring be extremely rewarding for the mentors involved, but it can also uncover new skills, a fresh perspective and a renewed purpose in what you do.

The Background of #UnexpectedMentor

In January 2016, the Government announced the launch of a national mentoring campaign that aims to connect a new generation of mentors to pre-GCSE teens at risk of disengaging and underperforming whilst at school.

The Careers & Enterprise Company were asked to provide a coordinating role in this ambitious and vital mission. Our research into the reason why young people become disengaged from education highlighted a recurring theme. For mentoring to be most effective, we need relatable role models who can build empathetic relationships.

Whilst there are exceptions, the current pool of mentors tend to come from similar backgrounds and a limited variety of professions. With this campaign we want to attract new types of people so that mentors are representative of the whole population. And so the Unexpected Mentor campaign was born; to show that anyone can be a mentor.

We are proud to be working in partnership with Mayor's Mentor and One Million Mentors in the West Midlands.

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Find a mentoring organisation in your area.