Organisation LEP Summary
Adviza Partnership 
Buckinghamshire Thames Valley, Oxfordshire, Swindon & Wiltshire, Thames Valley Berkshire Adviza’s mentoring service, Lucky Break, runs Captain of My Ship, which provides 18 session of group and 1-1 employer-led mentoring. Young people are selected due to risk of disengagement and identified barriers they experience including risk of NEET, disadvantaged, C/D borderline or form tutor has identified a downward shift in attitude, behaviour, well-being or attainment. 
Ansbury Guidance  Dorset Ansbury Guidance provides an all age service across Dorset to help young people and adults achieve their career goals through the provision of quality Information, Advice & Guidance. Ansbury Guidance provides a 36-week, 1-1 employer mentoring programme to an identified cohort of vulnerable Year 8, 9 and 10 students, in Dorset. Students are identified using established indicators of vulnerability which have been agreed with schools as presenting an increased risk of disengaging from learning.
Ark School  Greater Birmingham & Solihull Ark is an international charity, transforming lives through education. It aims to give every young person, regardless of their background, a great education and real choices in life. In the UK, we run 35 schools, educating over 20,000 pupils. These schools are all non-selective and in areas where they can make the biggest difference. Ark provides a one year mentoring programme pairing Year 8-11 students with a local employer mentor. It targets young people who are likely to consider apprenticeships or vocational pathways post 16. The mentoring sessions will be split between school and a work location and will take place roughly once a month.
Develop Milton Keynes, North Buckinghamshire Develop offers its mentoring programme to Year 9 -10 students in schools where there is a clear evidence of need and /or are areas of highest deprivation on the Index of Multiple Deprivation (2015). They will be working with 12 schools and 120 students across Bedford, Milton Keynes , Luton & Central Bedfordshire. Students attend 12 group activities/workshops at the start of the programme, lasting between 6 - 12 weeks. This is followed by 1:1 mentoring with employer volunteers of one hour per session for the remaining 7 weeks. The final day is a celebration of achievement activity day for the whole group.
The aim of the programme is to improve the students confidence, self-esteem, employability skills, attitude in school, judgment and decision making skills, resilience, school attendance and successfully re-engage them back into education.
Career Ready  Black Country Career Ready prepares young people for work through a programme delivered by employer volunteers. One pillar of the programme is mentoring. Volunteers will work in pairs with groups of four Year 10 students, meeting once a month over an academic year to increase their engagement with school and academic progress towards GCSEs
Connect Education and Business  New Anglia, South East Midlands Connect Education and Business offers young people in years 8-10 with an interest, talent or desire in the STEM subjects from disadvantaged backgrounds and challenged localities an industry based mentor for a period of at least 6 months. The mentoring takes place through an online mentoring platform, Brightside, with a minimum of 2 hours per week communication and a face to face 1 hour mentoring session each term (or every 2 to 3 months). A minimum of 4 face to face session are completed.
CSW Group Limited  Heart of the South West, Swindon & Wiltshire CSW provides a group employer mentoring programme for year 8 – 10 students.
Young people targeted for the programme are those with low attainment rates and/or young people who are NEET or at risk of NEET. The mentoring occurs once a month, and is a mix of face to face and online support.
Young people will engage in a range of work-related learning activities that are designed to improve the success of their transition into further learning and work.
Dame Kelly Holmes Trust  London, Leeds City Region ‘On Track to Achieve’ works with athlete mentors and targets disadvantaged students in Year 10. The programme lasts between 16 and 35 weeks. It includes nine group mentoring sessions, with no more than 8 students to an athlete mentor.  Employer mentors join the programme for four of the group mentoring sessions. The programme engages young people who have experienced multiple barriers to engagement with education.
East London Business Alliance (ELBA) London, Coast to Capital, South East ELBA mentoring matches students to city business volunteers to support with planning their future career and skills for the world of work. A 39-week, 1-1 and group mentoring programme is available to young people in Year 10 who are in greatest need, and in East London. ELBA provides training and resources for mentors and mentees. 
EBP South Ltd  Havant, Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham Activate Mentoring supports young people to develop confidence and be better prepared for their future by connecting them with a mentor from the world of work. The 39-week, 1:1 employer mentoring programme is for Year 9 and 10 students in state secondary schools. The mentoring occurs weekly with a minimum of 30 weekly meetings and is primarily face to face. Students also attend group workshops, including sessions on team work, confidence building and communication.
EDT   D2N2, Warwickshire EDT inspires the next generation of STEM professionals via industry-mentored projects. Go4SET is a mentoring programme where students from years 8 and 9 work on an environmentally focused STEM project, over a minimum period of three months. Go4SET uses the valuable input of mentors and focuses on key STEM and employability skills including problem solving, teamworking, communicating, and project management.
Education Business Partnership (NW) Ltd  Lancashire EBP (NW) provides a 22-week, 1:1 and group mentoring programme to year 10 students. Students are targeted based on referrals from school, and are students at risk of disengagement, showing signs of unsettlement and behavioural issues. The face-to-face mentoring occurs on average every 3 to 4 weeks. Students undertake 6 activities throughout the programme, including enterprise activities.
Envision  Greater Birmingham & Solihull Envision embeds mentoring in a wider practical learning experience: Community-Apprentice.  This project brings together local businesses, schools, charities and volunteers to support young people to develop their own social action projects. Year ten students attend face to face group mentoring sessions on a monthly basis throughout the 16 week programme.  Sessions are structured to develop confidence, self esteem and resilience.
GFirst LEP  Gloucestershire GFirst LEP works with Gloucestershire’s jobseekers, businesses and schools, supporting local people with their careers and employability. The 9-month, 1-1 employer mentoring programme is for year 10 students, at secondary schools.  Students are targeted based on their disengagement and current predicted grades for English and Maths. At least 10 mentoring sessions take place over an academic year. Students are supported to create a CV, access volunteering and work experience opportunities, utilise the National Careers Service and a speed networking event.
Help Me I'm A Medic  South East  Help Me I’m a Medic empowers and supports people from all social backgrounds to fulfil their dreams of working in health. The Careers & Enterprise Company will work closely with Help Me I’m a Medic to develop a mentoring programme in the South East. 
Hertfordshire County Council  Hertfordshire Youth Connexions Hertfordshire / Hertfordshire County Council’s Employer Mentoring Service is delivered as a 1-to-1, face-to-face mentoring programme, with each intervention lasting an average of 6 months and consisting of 12-18 meetings. The programme is targeted towards students who are disengaged or at risk of disengagement across Years 8, 9 and 10. 
Inspira  Lancashire, Cumbria Inspira provides its 40 week employer mentoring programme to year 8-10 students. Students are targeted based on their potential for improvement e.g. in attainment and attendance, with input from schools. The face-to-face 1:1 mentoring occurs at least once every month for at least 30 minutes and is primarily to be delivered through direct face-to-face meetings at school.
As an extension activity, young people taking part in the programme will be guaranteed a place on National Citizen Service.
Mentor Link  Coventry Warwickshire,
Mentor Link is a children’s charity providing one to one support to children in schools with the aim of improving their self- esteem and engagement in learning. The 39-week, weekly, 1-1 mentoring programme is for young people in years 8-10 and targets individuals based on academic performance, behaviour, engagement, self- esteem, relationships and deprivation. Students also attend a work placement and create a CV with their mentor.
OnSide Youth Zones  Greater Manchester OnSide Youth Zones offers young people somewhere safe, inspiring and affordable to spend their leisure time. The mentoring programme is based on the Bolton Lads and Girls Club model which has been delivering mentoring support to Bolton’s most vulnerable young people since 1997. The programme provides intensive support for vulnerable young people in years 8, 9 and 10 with 1-1 mentoring for up to 6 months.
Opportunity Peterborough  GCGP The Skills Service is part of Opportunity Peterborough’s economic development portfolio and provides a brokerage service between businesses and schools. They deliver a mentoring programme for Years 8, 9 and 10 in secondary schools, with a mixture of group (4-7 students) and 1-1 mentoring. Sessions take place every 4 – 6 weeks. Students will take part in a workplace tour as part of the mentoring programme.
ReachOut  Greater Manchester, London “ReachOut changes lives through one-to-one mentoring, helping young people develop academic skills, good character and raising their aspirations. It provides a one-to-one mentoring programme to Year 8-10 students, pairing each one with a volunteer mentor from business. During term time (30+ sessions) groups of 16 mentees in London, Manchester and Oldham meet with their mentors one evening every week at their school for an hour, followed by a group sport session. All sessions are supervised by ReachOut staff, and they use referral data from schools plus a mixture of group and paired activities at the beginning of the programme to optimise the mentor-mentee matching process.”
RTC North Ltd  North East, Tees Valley RTC provides a 30-week 1:1 mentoring programme to students in years 8 to 10. Students will be targeted based on achievement, socioeconomic background, those with low aspirations and those identified as being at risk of disengagement.  Volunteer mentors will be selected from the STEM Ambassador Hub pool, representing businesses across multiple STEM disciplines. Mentoring sessions will be offered face to face every two weeks with interim online contact.
Salford Foundation  Salford, Bury and Trafford Salford Foundation provides a group mentoring programme for students in Years 8 and 9.  Each group will meet with their allocated mentor for a minimum of five sessions, every two to three weeks over a period of least 12 weeks. Students in year 10 receive 1-1 mentoring and meet their allocated mentor in school, for 10 45-minute face to face mentoring sessions over a period of at least 12 weeks.
SATRO  Coast to Capital, Ent M3 SATRO, an approved Mentoring and Befriending Approved Provider from NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations), has been managing mentoring schemes for over 15 years across the South East of England to inspire young people to exceed their expectations. SATRO will provide an academic year long, fully supported, employer volunteer mentoring programme to Year 8 – 10 students who are disengaged or at risk of becoming disengaged in secondary schools. Students will meet with their employer mentors, face to face for sessions on a one to one basis, and also in group scenarios, over the course of the academic year. Mentors provide an independent, nurturing influence that helps young people build their confidence and are therefore then better placed to reach their full potential.
Sefton Education Business Partnership  Liverpool City Region Sefton EBP and partners provide a 35-week Business Mentor Programme to Year 8 students, delivered across an academic year. Business Mentors from local growth sectors work with small groups of targeted students (maximum 4), offering a blended approach of largely group and some 1 to 1 mentoring. The mentoring is primarily face to face. Students will also attend a robust programme of activities.
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council  Essex The 60 Minute Mentor programme works towards ensuring all young people in South Essex have access to an inspirational role model. Student mentees in Year 8 attend 4 mentoring sessions over a 7-month period, including two group mentoring sessions and two 1-1 mentoring sessions. Students at risk of disengagement are the focus of the programme. 
Talentino Ltd  GCGP Talentino provides a 26-week group employer mentoring programme to KS4 and post 16 students in Special Schools and colleges. Students are targeted based on having moderate learning difficulties and attending Special Schools or being prepared for College / doing an entry level course at College. The mentoring occurs monthly, every month for six months, and is face-to-face in groups of 8.  
West of England Mentoring  West of England This group mentoring programme is for year 8-10 students in secondary schools. The mentoring occurs fortnightly for a minimum of 12 weeks and is face to face, with work place visits also part of the programme. It offers students an experience of group and 1-1 mentoring. Sessions are up to two hours when students work alongside business professionals in goal setting, exploring career pathways, and learning through collaborative project challenges.
The Brightside Trust Cornwall Brightside provides a 24-week programme to Year 9 students in schools made up of group and 1-1 mentoring.  The mentoring programme matches students to an employee volunteer career mentor for six months. Groups begin by working together face-to-face, while communicating with an online mentor. After which they have 12-weeks of mentoring. On completion, students become part of the Brightside alumni network.
The Diana Award Greater Birmingham & Solihull, Leeds City Region, YNY & ER DA Mentoring provides a 24-week group employer-mentoring programme to year 8-10 students in secondary schools. Students are targeted based on free school meal proportion of the school and teacher recommendations. The mentoring occurs bi-monthly and is face-to-face. Students also attend twelve group sessions throughout the programme and are encouraged to undertake a social action project and participate in a work experience placement.
The EBP Lincolnshire Mission Mentor targets Looked After Children in years 8-10. Each young person takes part in a pre-engagement session to include a range of training and familiarisation activities. They then complete a 12-month, 1:1 mentoring programme, meeting with their mentor face-to-face every month and for a minimum of one hour. Mentors are trained extensively to work with this cohort of young people. 
The Prince’s Trust Black Country,
Greater Birmingham & Solihull,
Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire,
Greater Manchester,
Leeds City Region,
Liverpool City Region,
Sheffield City Region,
Mosaic, a mentoring initiative of The Prince’s Trust, helps young people from the most disadvantaged communities fulfil their potential. It’s a group mentoring programme for Year 8 to 10 students in secondary schools. A team of mentors is assigned to one school and a group of around 25 students. Each mentor works with a smaller sub-group of five students. Mentoring lasts for the duration of the academic year.
Think Forward Kent, London ThinkForward provides long-term, personalised coaching to young people in schools with the highest risk of unemployment, enabling them to transition into sustained employment. Its Business Mentoring programme matches young people with employer mentors from local businesses. Mentoring sessions are done in groups and one to one and will take place a minimum of once every four weeks, in the final term of Year 10 and in the first term of Year 11.
TwentyTwenty D2N2, Leicester & Leicestershire TwentyTwenty provides its 52-week, 1-1 employer focused mentoring programme to young people from years 8-10 students in high schools. Students are targeted based on achievement of progression goals established by TwentyTwenty’s Journey to Work framework. The mentoring occurs 3-4 times a month for a minimum of 6 months and is face-to-face. 
Volunteer It Yourself (VIY) D2N2, Leeds City Region, Sheffield City Region, Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire VIY matches Year 8-10 students deemed at risk of disengagement with local professional tradespeople through a mix of classroom activities and out-of-school/on-the-job volunteering opportunities and work experiences. Students work alongside their mentors on a community building refurbishment project (for example, painting and decorating at a local youth club or community centre in need). All activities are supported by DIY retailer Wickes.
Warrington Borough Council  Cheshire & Warrington Warrington Borough Councils Brighter Futures Team provides a 1:1 employer mentoring programme to young people who are in state education, in Years 8, 9 and 10 who are  at risk of disengagement or under-performing. Mentors ensure that the young person they are supporting have a bespoke action plan to support them through their mentoring journey. Mentees and mentors usually meet twice a month, face to face, with the mentoring occurring for a minimum of 34 weeks.
Youth at Risk London, Northamptonshire Youth at Risk UK delivers rigorous personal development and coaching: raising aspirations and supporting young people to fulfil their potential. This 26-week, 1 to 1 mentoring programme is available to year 8-10 students in secondary education. Trained volunteer mentors, recruited from local employers, act as mentors. Students are identified with referral criteria which clearly indicates disengagement and not fulfilling their potential.  
Young Enterprise Black Country,
Humber, North Eastern,
Sheffield City Region,
South East,
Tees Valley
“Young Enterprise provides a Learner Development Journey to young people consisting of a Day Programme, followed by a Company Programme. This journey ensures disengaged young people access the same opportunities as their peers and that they leave education with experiences of the world of work, as well as with the key skills that employers are looking for. The Day Programme runs across a full school day and comprises a series of practical activities and interactions with mentors from business; the focus is to raise the aspirations of disengaged young people. Young Enterprise works with the schools and mentors to identify those students who would most benefit from progressing on to the in-depth Company Programme. This sees young people plan for, set up and run their very own enterprise, working in small teams and supported weekly by a dedicated business mentor, as they experience every element of starting a business.”
Young Ladies Club London Young Ladies Club is focused on raising up the next generation of millennial ladies to be confident in their purpose and unleash their maximum potential. The Careers & Enterprise Company will work closely with Young Ladies Club to develop a mentoring programme in London.