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Our Primary Fund, worth £2 million, is building the evidence base on career-related learning in primary schools by scaling existing programmes and developing​ ​new and innovative programmes

At primary school age, career-related learning is about exploration, understanding and challenging stereotypes. These stereotypes, adopted by children as young as six, impact on engagement in learning and go on to influence career aspirations and subject choices as they progress through secondary school. Early intervention is therefore critical. 

A key aim of the Fund is to build a Primary Toolkit which will provide an accessible evidence base on career-related learnings that primary schools across the UK can access. Funded organisations will contribute to the Toolkit by sharing best practice from their programmes and other useful resources.

We are excited to announce the awardees for the scaling existing programmes stage. The following 7 organisations (listed below) have been awarded funding, totalling around £1.25 million.

  • Education and Employers (£403,552)
  • Regenda Ltd. (£240,000)
  • National Literacy Trust (£164,375)
  • Enabling Enterprise (£157,120)
  • East Sussex County Council (£145,575)
  • TeenTech CIC (£75,000)
  • Learn by Design (£62,587)

The organsations who will be awarded funding to develop new and innovative programmes will be announced in July.

A further 15 organisations have been funded through the second part of the fund, and details are here