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You probably know BBC Bitesize as a study and revision resource – but over the past year Bitesize has grown, and now offers careers inspiration and advice too.


BBC Bitesize

Students can use BBC Bitesize Careers to explore job profiles across a wide range of sectors. Each profile features a young person in the early stages of their own careers who explains what it’s like to do their job, what route they took to get there and which curriculum subjects were most useful to them.  Job roles are grouped by curriculum subject, helping students understand the links between school and the world of work.

BBC bitesize careers

"I’m on a five-year apprenticeship. I work four days a week on site and one day a week at uni. You gain knowledge from the practical work without the student debt."

Alongside the personal stories, labour market information gives a broader picture of the skills and qualifications needed, as well as salary ranges.  Across the collection, we show how technical or vocational, apprenticeship and academic pathways can all lead to success – and how different individuals have identified the right route for them. There’s also advice on developing skills like resilience and teamwork, and on getting the most out of work experience.

This new, free online resource has been designed to help broaden your students’ horizons and motivate them in their studies.  BBC Bitesize Careers is designed to complement other resources and to support schools and colleges in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks – in particular Benchmark 4, linking the curriculum to the world of work, and Benchmark 2, learning from labour market information.

Check out BBC Bitesize Careers, www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/careers