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To coincide with National Careers Week, BBC Bitesize is launching a brand-new collection of free, online resources offering a wealth of careers inspiration and advice. 

Bitesize turned 20 last autumn and our well-loved curriculum content has helped millions of students through their revision, study and homework over the years.  We’re keen to build on that success and to offer more – supporting the wider needs of children and young people by expanding Bitesize beyond just curriculum support, helping them navigate the other challenges they will face throughout their school lives as they transition into adulthood.

This new Bitesize content is a key element of the BBC’s charter commitment to ‘transform our education offer’. BBC Learning, the department which makes Bitesize, is the driving force behind this commitment. In an uncertain world where global competition is increasingly tough, it is vital that all children are empowered and supported to reach their potential.  We want to help young people with their career choices and the skills needed for the workplace, as well as nurturing their independence and mental wellbeing.

On Bitesize Careers, you and your students can find:

  • A growing collection of job case studies across a wide range of sectors, supported with labour market information
  • Links between curriculum subjects and the world of work, showing how vocational, apprenticeship and academic pathways can lead to success
  • Articles and videos providing information and guidance on skills for work, choosing options, work experience and more

"I’m on a five-year apprenticeship. I work four days a week on site and one day a week at uni. You gain knowledge from the practical work without the student debt."  Zoe, Apprentice site engineer

The content is designed to support schools in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks – in particular Benchmark 4, linking the curriculum to the world of work, and Benchmark 2, learning from labour market information. 

Each case study features a young person who describes their job, how they got there and what curriculum subject inspired or helped them along the way.  We hope they’ll help you in broadening your students’ horizons and motivating them in their studies.  Articles such as How to stay positive at work bring skills like resilience to life, with young people explaining how they have learnt to bounce back from setbacks.

"I love my job because I'm surrounded by people who constantly support me." Damilare, Accounting technician

We’ve benefited hugely from advice from The Careers & Enterprise Company, the Gatsby Foundation, CBI and many other organisations as we shaped this content.  We understand how important it is that our resources complement those already available to young people, helping them to make sense of the wide range of resources and opportunities out there.  We hope Bitesize Careers will help them to make informed decisions about their next steps, whether that’s GCSE options, post-16 pathways or choices at 18 and beyond.

"From a young age I knew I wanted to be a carer – making people happy makes me happy." Bethany, Carer

The content we’re launching during National Careers Week is just the start and we’ll be developing Bitesize Careers further over the coming year.  That includes making it easier for students to navigate the content and find the advice and job roles that are most relevant for them.  We’re also exploring ways to provide labour market information in more interactive ways.

We very much hope the new content will be useful to you and your students.  We’ll continue to work with students, teachers, careers professionals and partner organisations to develop Bitesize Careers over the coming year.