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Over the last three days The Big Match mentoring events have taken place in three major cities, promoting mentoring for young people and matching providers with potential mentors from business.

The events provided businesses with an interest in mobilising volunteers from their organisations with a unique opportunity to learn more about providers of proven mentoring programmes for young people.

The events are part of our aim to support 25,000 additional young people who are at risk of disengaging from their education, by 2020. The two key elements of this support are a targeted mentoring investment fund and nationwide mentoring campaign, all underpinned by our research.

Our Mentoring Fund and Community
Research: Effective employer mentoring

Day 1 - Birmingham

In Birmingham, 50 delegates connected and keynote speakers highlighted the benefits for employers, their employees as mentors and young people. After a welcome video from West Midlands Mayor Andy Street, the delegates heard from our COO Natalie Cramp, Step Forward mentee Ahmed Almusawy and KPMG's Andy Argyle. Thanks to KPMG for hosting the event. 

"[My mentor] was in my corner, he cared about me, not the company; what was right for me and helped me find my path" - Natalie Cramp, The Careers & Enterprise Company 

"It’s great for the mentor and one of the reasons is early access to talent. The mentee could be an apprentice or a project manager in the next five years" - Ahmed Almusawy, Step Forward and The Careers & Enterprise Company

Mayor's Mentors West Midlands

In the West Midland's, The Careers & Enterprise Company is delighted to be working with One Million Mentors on the Mayor's Mentors programme. Volunteers have the opportunty to mentor young people through one of our Mentoring Fund grant recipients or adult mentees through One Million Mentors

Day 2 - Manchester

The events continued in Manchester on Thursday, with keynote speeches from ReachOut mentee Keiarnya Grant-Blissett and Carillion's Claire Cottingham. The day was also hosted by KPMG.

"It is helping me as a person, developing skills. Seeing how I was at the beginning and how I was at the end, it was a complete difference. My confidence had grown, my academic skills were growing. I had grown as a person" - Keiarnya Grant-Blissett, ReachOut

"Part of the volunteering is to inspire people into the sector, we have a massive skills shortage, we know a third of the jobs we do today will be done by robots or AI and there will be jobs in the future that we don’t know exist at the moment. What we need in our business at the moment is resilient people, a resilient workforce, adapting to change with good communication skills" - Claire Cottingham, Carillion

Day 3 - London

The final event in London hosted another enthusiastic group of over 80 delegates at City Hall, in partnership with Team London. Two mentees spoke about their experiences - Luke Liddiard from Young Enterprise and Tionne Tulloch-May of ReachOut. The employers view came from Michelle Perkins of Capgemini UK.

"They gave me a support network and showed me ‘look, we are here for you and we really want your success’ and that is mainly what drove me to be involved" - Luke Liddiard, Young Enterprise

Thanks to everyone who attended all three events and made The Big Match a great success and thank you for helping us fuel young people's futures.