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Following a further period of consultation with key organisations and individuals we have today released our Implementation Plan in response to the government’s Careers Strategy.

Our plan sets out our detailed approach to supporting the Careers Strategy.

Implementation Plan [PDF]
Questions and answers [PDF]

At the same time, two prospectuses have been published, focussing on new initiatives in the Careers Strategy - Careers Hubs and the provision of Careers Leaders training.

As part of the Careers Strategy, we have been tasked to establish 20 Careers Hubs across the country, based on the successful model piloted in the North East. The bidding process for these hubs has now commenced and is detailed in the prospectus.

More about the plans for Careers Hubs
Download prospectus [PDF]

More about Careers Leaders
Funding: Careers Leaders training

The hubs will be launched in September 2018 and consist of groups of between 20 and 40 schools and colleges, located in the same geographic area, working with universities, education and training providers, employers and career professionals to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks and improve careers support.

Claudia Harris, our CEO, said:

By establishing Careers Hubs across the country, we will be able to test the North East model at a much wider scale.

Our goal is to work in collaboration with key partners to transform careers education for young people in these areas. A key aspect of this pilot will be evaluation of how the hubs help schools and colleges to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and improve careers outcomes for young people in the local area.


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