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Philippa has taken a transformative approach to the Huntcliff School’s careers programme. There is a clear review and improvement cycle and the programme is revised regularly to ensure outcomes are being met for young people.

As a result of Philippa’s passion and belief in making a difference, every child in the school is given the chance to succeed. The school is working at a strategic level to embed activity for all learners to enrich the curriculum. awards CEC Careers Leader


Philippa is a senior leader at the Huntcliff school and has strategic responsibility for careers provision. She has re-written the entire careers strategy to align with statutory guidance – and although our school’s previous provision was good, Philippa has taken the opportunity to transform the careers strategy. This means we can meet the individual needs of students.

She has actively sought to engage with The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Enterprise Adviser which has opened a range of networking opportunities, as well as advice and support, to ensure the programme is inspirational and engaging for our students.

Despite being a Deputy Head with significant responsibility, Philippa embarked upon the L6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development in order to understand the theory underpinning our careers strategy. Philippa successfully completed the course. As part of her professional development she updated other school leaders on the changes as well as provide training for all staff and Governors.

The strategy is published and has been shared with staff, young people and parents following extensive consultation. Regular updates on careers events complement the published materials on the website.


Philippa has sent careers guidance at the Huntcliff school in a new direction. She has engaged the entire school community and thus, the aspirations and prospects of our students have been transformed.

Because of Philippa’s leadership, the school is close to meeting all Gatsby Benchmarks.  A key strength is her ability to identify and engage appropriate staff to deliver programmes which ensures relevance and impact.

Philippa is very clear when using external providers that activities are coordinated. Objectives are clearly agreed, communicated, monitored and evaluated during and after each event. The process also benefits from the feedback of the young people.

This collaborative approach maximises the exposure of teaching staff to the specialist content, which in-turn develops their own knowledge and provides for a greater degree of sustainability moving forward.


In each of the careers days, Philippa ensures students are given time to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations are important as Philippa uses them to inform future planning of the programme for the next year or to supplement work with another activity if the need is identified.

She gathers individual information around employability, personal skills and qualities. Provision is then mapped so she can track changes over time.

Philippa reviews the year in the final careers day so pupils can reflect on the range of activities offered and see where they contributed.  Pupils then complete the future skills audit so they can reflect on how they feel they have developed.

Assemblies are used to inform students of events as well as visits to classes. Information is posted on the school website and all evaluations are published as summaries or write ups, often by students, to keep them fully informed of their careers programme.


“Philippa has made the most remarkable progress at Huntcliff School and her knowledge and understanding of the role is now exceptional – technical understanding of systems, understanding of national policy and change at a local level.”