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It’s hard to believe that almost six months have passed since the three of us began our adventure with The Careers & Enterprise Company. The skills and knowledge we have gained over the last few months have been incredible.

National Apprenticeship Week is a chance to celebrate the success of apprenticeships and to reflect the impact they have had on young people.

The three of us decided to take up the apprenticeship pathway, mostly for the same reasons. Mia and myself already had placements confirmed at university but felt that a years’ work experience would be an extremely valuable asset. Nicole on the other hand decided that university was not the right choice for her and so, opted to join the Finance Team to sharpen up her accounting skills, for a potential career in accounting.

Continued learning in the workplace

However, we all decided that moving away from schooling and college was much needed and knew it would be much more beneficial to broaden our experience and pursue an apprenticeship instead. After years of working purely in an academic setting, the work we do now at The Careers & Enterprise Company contributes towards extraordinary futures for young people across England. It allows them not only to gain knowledge and information of potential career paths that may be suited to them but also allows us as apprentices to participate in events and activities and act as representatives for our company.

Although there is the exciting, adventurous side that comes with being an apprentice within the company, we must also remember that we are full time employees as well, which means great responsibility is placed on our shoulders. We are relied on by our colleagues and external stakeholders to get the job done to the best of our abilities.

Gaining transferrable skills alongside qualifications

As if that isn’t challenging enough, we also must juggle our work in the office with the work of our official qualifications. We have one day a week in training, where we are taught each unit and must then review this in our own time.

Because of this, we have all developed many transferrable skills including our confidence, organisational skills, time-management, independence, team-work and even had the chance to lead on projects such as the running of the company’s official Instagram account (@careersandenterprise).

Although many may believe that apprenticeships aren’t the right fit for them, we are all in agreement that they have unlocked new doors, which will be open for life. It has also given us the vital skills needed for today’s world of work.

Being able to leave work every day knowing that the work I have done has had an impact on the lives of young people keeps me motivated to do the best job I can. This apprenticeship has so far taught me to work hard, embrace opportunity and to keep an open mind.

My fellow apprentice's experiences

“Making a decision that could ultimately shape your life is frightening. This experience has taught me that not every decision will restrict you, but it will enable you to do more. It has given me the opportunity to figure out who I am and what I want for my future career.” 

"During my time at The Careers & Enterprise Company, I realised much about what was suited to me, regarding my future career path. My apprenticeship has enabled me to trial what would be suitable to my character and gave me the opportunity to widen my experience, in a corporate environment."