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The government’s Careers Strategy, announced today, brings an expanded role for us to act as the strategic coordinator for supporting schools and colleges’ delivery of careers programmes.

Backbone organisation for Gatsby delivery

We will become the backbone organisation coordinating delivery against the eight Gatsby Charitable Foundation benchmarks, widely held as the hallmark of excellence in careers and enterprise support.

The announcement marks a significant development of the Company’s role and reinforces its position in helping to enhance young people’s futures.

The Careers Strategy announces: “We will use the eight Benchmarks of good career guidance, developed by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, to set a standard of excellence. The Careers & Enterprise Company will take on a more ambitious role, building on their progress to date by coordinating support for schools and colleges across all the Gatsby Benchmarks.”

New careers leaders role for schools and colleges

The Careers Strategy also announces support for designated careers leaders amongst schools and colleges’ senior leadership, who can champion and deliver high quality careers provision for their pupils.

The role was highlighted as one of the factors in stronger careers performance in our State of the Nation report, published in October. The government has asked us, working with The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, to design the careers leader role.

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Press release and notes to editors [PDF]
State of the Nation – careers and enterprise provision in England’s schools

Careers Strategy (gov.uk)

Evaluation shows impact of our network

In our first two years we have concentrated effort on offering young people meaningful encounters with employers and the workplace – a key part of the Gatsby benchmarks.

An independent evaluation published today finds that our Enterprise Adviser Network, which connects local employers to schools and colleges in their area, is already having a strong and positive impact:

  • On average schools and colleges are reporting 50% more employer encounters for their pupils since joining the network.
  • We are now working in partnership with all of England’s 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships to deliver the network in over half of England’s schools and colleges (over 2,000).

To take our expanded role forward, we will engage key strategic partners across education, business and the careers sectors and will publish a delivery plan by Spring 2018.

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Fuelling Young People’s Futures - An Evaluation of The Careers & Enterprise Company’s Enterprise Adviser Network



Claudia Harris, our CEO, says:

“We welcome the Careers Strategy and its adoption of The Gatsby Charitable Foundation Benchmarks, widely recognised as the hallmark of best practice in careers and enterprise provision. We are delighted we have been asked to play an expanded role, operating as the backbone organisation coordinating efforts across these benchmarks. We also welcome the focus on Careers Leadership in schools which organisations including Teach First, The CDI and The Gatsby Charitable Foundation have highlighted as key to successful careers support.

We are grateful for the strong relationships we have developed with the Local Enterprise Partnerships, schools, colleges and employers and over the coming months we will share a plan on how we will collectively take forward the recommendations in the Strategy.”

DfE Skills Minister, Anne Milton says:

“Without access to the best possible careers support, some people will miss out on the opportunities available. They will continue to be held back if they don’t have the right advice, at the right time to make informed decisions about their future, or may not have access to the broader experiences and role models to help them develop their skills and experience.

“It matters to me that we give people from all backgrounds the best possible preparation to move into a job, or training that enables them – whatever their background or wherever they live – to have a fulfilling life. I’m delighted that the Careers & Enterprise Company will be working with us to give skills, talent and opportunities to all.”

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of the Leeds City Region LEP, and LEP Chair representative on our Ambassador Group, comments:

“Student encounters with employers form an integral part of the Gatsby Benchmarks and underpin the government’s Careers Strategy. The benefit of those encounters is clearly evidenced in today’s report from CEC on the Enterprise Adviser Network, and its conclusions are crystal clear – it works.

“All 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships now host the Enterprise Co-ordinators so vital to the Network’s success and have helped accelerate the programme to more than 2,000 of England’s schools and colleges. It’s inspiring to see an equal number of men and women advisers, and the wide range of sectors and businesses they represent.

“Achieving this scale of success in such a short time is testament to the hard work and genuine partnership between the CEC and England’s LEPs. The relationships LEPs have with their local businesses is key to the programme’s success in bridging the gap between school and work, joining up the dots in career provision and leading to a positive impact on the wider local economy.”

Nick Bowen, Executive Principal of Horizon Community college, comments:

“The decisions young people make at school are often those which significantly affect their future lives. Quality careers education and regular, coordinated engagement with the world of work should therefore be an entitlement for all students. Young people need the opportunity to develop the essential skills required to succeed in the workplace. This is the core business of schools. Schools would never “not have” a maths department; we need to ask ourselves why schools don’t always have a careers and enterprise department. The work of the Careers & Enterprise Company and the leadership of our Enterprise Adviser has ensured that we take this question very seriously and we have created a team to address it.”


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