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I joined The Careers & Enterprise Company in September last year after I decided to leave sixth form after my first year. While assessing my options I came across the apprenticeship on offer.

As someone who wasn’t expected to achieve much, being from a low-income background and falling into many of the groups that this organisation targets, I saw the apprenticeship and applied straight away. I had only ever had one interview, so coming in for this one was nerve-wracking, but I was put at ease (until asked about Donald Trump)!

Since then, the experience has been overwhelming. This is my first full time job so I came in very unaware of what to expect of working life. Within only a couple of weeks, I felt I had found my feet and really become part of the team.

A huge learning curve

I think the biggest things I have learnt in my position are how to work as part of a team and how to better my communication, as in sixth form the only people you really communicate with are your peers. The jump is big, and I feel there is a lot more to learn.

Working for The Careers & Enterprise Company has not only helped me in those areas, but has helped me to develop transferable skills, like time-management, organisational skills and self-confidence.

When choosing to do an apprenticeship, I was worried that there would be no development opportunities, however I feel especially in this industry, there are many new doors that have been opened.

Personal highlights

I have most enjoyed the projects I have worked on, and on reflection I feel it is the people I have worked with that have made them so enjoyable. When faced with a tough task that would usually make me want to run for the hills, my team and those around me help massively.

They make these tough tasks a lot easier to work on, which in turn has helped my work ethic build and gives me a positive outlook on the work I am doing. The main aims of the company make the job very fulfilling also, with seeing and hearing that our funding has helped over 500,000 young people.

In terms of my next steps, I am still only young and am now aware that there is an abundance of opportunities out there, so I am looking in to a few of them: such as degree level apprenticeships, universities, and other jobs related to my role.

The advice that I would give to other people who are thinking about apprenticeships is, go for it! An apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to still gain reputable qualifications at multiple levels while earning – and avoiding the debt from university.