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Joshua Perry is Founder and Director of Assembly, a digital platform that helps schools use their data more effectively. He believes the problem of integrating data has been particularly acute in careers education. In this blog, Joshua talks about how Assembly has teamed up with The Careers & Enterprise Company to help schools deliver impactful and targeted careers support.

Joshua Perry, Assembly.
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Until recent years, efficiently managing careers education data was a challenge for many Careers Leaders. Schools would find themselves either creating complex spreadsheets, contorting their Management Information System (MIS) to handle things, or just not bothering.

However, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen a real step change in how data can be made to work for schools. And in our experience, things start changing for the better when great organisations start working in partnership.

This partnership – and Assembly’s powerful data integration technology – has been instrumental in evolving The Careers & Enterprise Company’s existing digital tools for Careers Leaders.


Introducing Compass+

Set to begin roll-out from September, Compass+ is the new digital dashboard for schools, providing a one-stop-shop for effective careers programme planning, management and evaluation.

Crucially, Careers Leaders have played a massive part in designing this system to ensure it meets the needs of their school and can be tailored to their young people.

One of the most innovative features is much more granular tracking of individual student careers interventions. Powered by the Assembly Platform link, individual student data can flow securely from a school’s MIS into Compass+. This makes targeting those who need the support most, much easier.

Best of all, because Assembly’s data integration tools are fully automated, schools can benefit from a more streamlined approach to their careers programme delivery, by bringing together tools and data they are already using.

In a nutshell, schools using Compass+ will be able to:

  • Quickly map out and assess the impact of their careers programme for the academic year
  • Target relevant careers interventions to the students most in need
  • Analyse data more effectively, draw powerful insights and improve student outcomes
  • Encourage collaboration by allowing colleagues to contribute to the careers programme
  • Receive intelligent provider recommendations for activities and start to build a strong network of careers partners


Reducing workload, increasing insight and strengthening security

In the past, school data management has all too often been associated with clunky systems and extra workload. However, Compass+ has been designed specifically for time-challenged Careers Leaders, helping them to bring together what is often siloed data from a variety of sources.

In our experience of working with thousands of schools, Careers Leaders often create their own spreadsheets to manage careers education data, but this invariably ends up being a manual and arduous process.

Compass+ provides access to a simple and intuitive cloud-based tool to store and manage all key careers information. And by adding MIS data integration, there is no need to undergo any tedious data entry to set up or maintain the flow of student information.


But how secure is the data?

In a world where sensitive information is becoming more widely available and shareable, it is more important than ever to protect its security. This is especially critical for young people’s data.

Data security has been central to our partnership and this work since the beginning. We have made sure that Compass+ is a fully GDPR-compliant tool in line with the relevant data protection legislation ,so that’s one less thing for Careers Leaders to worry about!

We are excited to have played a part in creating this fully secure solution for managing careers education data. We can’t wait to hear feedback from Careers Leaders as Compass+ is rolled out across the country.

To learn more about Compass+, please visit https://www.careersandenterprise.co.uk/schools-colleges/compass-plus


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