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We are pleased to announce that this morning we launched our draft Implementation Plan in response to the government’s Careers Strategy.

Our draft plan sets out how we will scale up our support for schools, colleges, businesses and careers programme providers to help them meet the requirements of the government’s Careers Strategy.

We have built our plan in collaboration with the many individuals and organisations that work tirelessly across England to help young people transition successfully from education to employment. We have spoken to 400 people from across education, employment and careers guidance including our headteacher and employers groups, leading employer and education bodies, the Careers Development Institute and the Local Enterprise Partnerships we work closely with.

We are still in listening mode and our plan is still in draft with the opportunity for further feedback until March 23. The email address for comments is: careers.strategy@careersandenterprise.co.uk

We believe that this moment marks an opportunity to build on the momentum that is growing in this country to help all young people achieve the futures they deserve and set up our economy to flourish and thrive.


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