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Nick Newman, founder and CEO of National Careers Week shares his thoughts on the importance of the week.

We are delighted to have the great support of The Careers & Enterprise Company this year, working together to inspire and encourage young people across the UK.

Last year NCW reached over 500,000 young people in the UK - NCW2019 is going to be even bigger. Our 8th annual celebration kicked off at Parliament on Monday 4th March.

Last year I said we need to reach out to younger audiences with our work - we have, thanks to Primary Futures, our partner for careers in Primary education, we are now in that space.

Next year, we need to go all age careers - this we will also do - making NCW the largest all inclusive careers week in Europe. An example for other countries to follow. For next year we are also planning an exciting Careers video channel and the launch of Careers Meets - supporting those on the ground by sharing best practice, knowledge and ideas.

Talking of ideas - who’d have thought the idea of a national Careers Week would have taken off 8 years ago with the careers sector in crisis? Well, a small group of us on Twitter believed.

The power of collective ambition, passion and resolve always astounds me. Ordinary people delivering extraordinary results, day after day, year after year. Careers Week is a time when these people shine all over the UK - and in doing so, inspire a future nation of young people to dream big and explore the exciting paths and options that await them.

My colleague and friend, Bernie, has opened my eyes to the phrase ‘sending the ladder back down ‘ - this should be in every working person’s thoughts - how can I help the next generation reach their potential? It is our duty as individual citizens and as a society to rise to this challenge.

Helping others is not a chore, it is a noble action, a gift that keeps giving. NCW is a chance for all individuals and organisations in the careers arena to join together - share the free resources on our website and go out and inspire the next generation!

If you’re on Twitter - share in the celebration using #NCW2019 tag. Thank you for supporting NCW and by doing so, sending the ladder back down to those that need it most.