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We all have strengths, but not everyone is clear what they are or how to use them.  A strength is something that you enjoy doing, you do well and you feel energised when you use it.   Strength is not just something you can do; it’s about what you love to do. 

We know understanding individual strengths is especially important for young people when they are at looking at their future options. Limited visibility of career opportunities and advice makes it hard for young people to figure out what route to take after education, but understanding what they are really good at, their preferences and what matters to them can help to inform their choices around the route they might take.

A survey conducted by The Telegraph, Capp and Lloyds Banking Group last year asked over 6,300 students, parents and teachers about the provision of careers advice in the UK.  The survey found that only a limited number of young people discussed their strengths with parents and teachers with any frequency, yet the majority acknowledged the importance of using strengths in their future jobs.

To address this, Lloyds Banking Group has developed two careers tools that specifically look at strengths and how students can use these to successfully transition to the world of work:

The Youth Hub:

Students can find insightful content – tailored to their personality and goals. They’ll find advice, activities, inspiration and quizzes, all designed to help them make choices and discover what matters to them. Students can play a careers game, which helps them identify their best fit career path and tailors the content of the Hub to their interests. There’s a range of materials to help guardians and teachers support students with career choices, too.

Discover Work:

A virtual work experience site combining careers advice, work activities in the financial and banking sector, and insights into personal strengths and capabilities. Endorsed by City & Guilds, the platform can be accessed online anytime, anywhere, and is available through the Youth Hub.

Both can be accessed at discoverwhatmatters.co.uk