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With the rise of social media, games and apps, as well as developments in sectors like renewable energy, more and more opportunities are opening up for young people in the world of work. BBC Bitesize’s new, free careers resources for students feature some of the fresh talent working in these thriving new industries.


Rhianne, games designer

Growing up as a keen gamer, Rhianne landed her dream job creating levels and mechanics for video games alongside software developers and artists, combining her passion for all things creative and digital.

Rhianne stood out in this competitive field by perfecting her portfolio, making sure to show off her game designing skills.

See Rhianne at work.


Isaac, vlogger

Isaac, vlogger
Isaac, Vlogger

Isaac began to document his life after college and was named London’s best young vlogger in 2017. The 23-year-old has a condition which affects his limb development, so he carries out all editing work with his feet.

He says: “People usually see me in the wheelchair and my disability. I don’t allow that to stop me making my videos.”

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Manish, solar farm manager

Manish, vlogger
Manish, solar farm manager

Looking after 10 sites dotted across the country, Manish works in the exciting renewables industry, and is responsible for the upkeep of solar farms designed to harness the sun’s energy.

Manish studied Physics at university but could also have taken an apprenticeship, a vocational or technical route to develop his problem-solving and systems analysis skills for this role.

See Manish a work.


Melissa, digital marketing entrepreneur

Securing an internship after her A-levels, Melissa designs posts for social media as well as filming and editing videos. Melissa made sure to gain as much experience of work as possible to develop her skills in digital marketing.

She says: “Creativity is key – you’ve got to be on the ball with new ideas and new strategies.”

See Melissa at work.

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