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I have been at The Careers and Enterprise Company for over five months now, and it has so far been an amazing experience. It has not only been a great eyeopener to the world of work, but its more importantly supported my growth into an adult and a better person.

After being nervous about what an apprenticeship even was and how it would play out for me, I am so happy I chose this path. To begin with, it was an overwhelming process of starting fresh in an office work environment which I had little experience of. This can be daunting for anyone, especially an 18-year-old, however what can make the difference is the people within that environment. From when I first arrived in the office for my interview, before I had got the job, I knew it was somewhere I would love to work. The staff were lovely and I felt very comfortable.

During the first month or so, it took a while to really get stuck into pieces of work as I was still very new to the team. An important lesson for me was just to keep listening and learning. Getting used to the 9 – 5 working days was also something I had to get used to and get into the routine of.

Stepping up to responsibility 

My first event was the Enterprise Coordinator Induction held in London back in November, and this was a big step up for me. It was my first project where I felt I had real responsibility. This was a special day for me: handling the delegates, organising everyone and overseeing the workings of the day which I found both fun and interesting. It made me feel part of the team and really involved. Following on from this, I have been involved with several other events, in a leading and supportive role.

Another aspect of my apprenticeship that I have loved is the variation. While I am mainly working in the events area, I also like learning about the other areas of the company, as one of the reasons for me joining was that I could get a feel of different parts of a business.

Looking ahead

I’m really look forward to the rest of my time at The Careers & Enterprise Company and am eager to learn more and continue improving.

I have already grown in confidence so much and this can only get better. I have learned much more than I thought I could in such a short space of time. This apprenticeship has shown me the opportunities that are on offer for young people and helped me understand the route I can take to get there.