Our mission is to prepare and inspire young people for the fast-changing world of work. Our role is to link schools and colleges to employers and to help them deliver world class careers support for all young people by:

  • Building Networks: linking schools and colleges to employers and other external providers through the Enterprise Advisor Network and Careers Hubs
  • Supporting Careers Leaders: providing training and support for Careers Leaders in schools and colleges
  • Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks: supporting implementation of a best practice standard for careers support with tools and targeted funding

Our Grant Funding Agreement with the Department for Education allows us to deliver on this role. Thanks to this investment, we are now seeing schools and colleges continue to make rapid progress on all dimensions of careers support. Our Spring-term report card demonstrates that progress is strong, including that:

  • Schools and colleges continuing to make progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks, with disadvantaged areas providing the strongest careers support
  • Performance accelerating most in Careers Hubs, with schools and colleges in Hubs on average fully achieving one more Benchmark
  • 120 businesses have committed to become Cornerstone Employers and underwrite careers support in their area
  • We have awarded bursaries for Career Leader training to 1,300 schools and colleges. And more than 750 Careers Leaders have started our free online training
  • 80% of schools and colleges are using Compass – our free online tool to evaluate their performance against the Benchmarks
  • Millions has been invested in supporting disadvantaged groups of young people and schools and colleges serving disadvantaged communities

Below we have provided more detail on what we will deliver and how we will ensure value for money, organised by the three core objectives in our Grant Funding Agreement. As in previous years, we distribute the majority of our funding straight to organisations working on the front line with schools, colleges and young people through a series of investment funds.

Building Networks

We will link schools and colleges to employers and other external careers providers through the Enterprise Adviser Network and Careers Hubs. In order to drive improvement in employer engagement and the Gatsby Benchmarks we will do this by:

  • Building 40 local Careers Hubs to deliver improvements in careers education:
    • Launch an additional 20 new or extended Careers Hubs this year
    • Continue to support the existing 20 Careers Hubs launched last year
    • Ensure all schools and colleges in Careers Hubs make progress against all Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Growing the Enterprise Adviser Network so that:
    • 3,800 schools and colleges are part of the Network
    • 3,000 schools and colleges have been matched with a dedicated volunteer
    • 200 full-time Enterprise Coordinators are supporting schools in the Network
  • Providing tools and support for schools, colleges and employers so that:
    • 4,000 schools and colleges evaluate their careers provision using Compass
    • Employers benefit from a new Tracker Enterprise tool to help them engage with schools and colleges

Supporting Careers Leaders

We will provide training and support for Careers Leaders so they have the knowledge, behaviour and skills to make progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks. We will do this by:

  • Delivering Careers Leader training and bursaries so that:
    • 1,300 Careers Leaders receive a training bursary
    • 2,000 Careers Leaders benefit from our online training course
  • Providing digital support and tools to Careers Leaders by:
    • Developing a comprehensive digital Careers Leader System to help manage and improve their careers programme
    • Develop a Careers Leaders Toolkit of best practice resources

Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks

We will support schools and colleges to implement a best practice standard for careers supports – the Gatsby Benchmarks – with tools and targeted funding. We will do this by:

  • Delivering investment and guidance to support:
    • employer engagement activities targeted at disadvantaged young people
    • best practice in personal guidance
    • careers support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), disadvantaged and vulnerable young people
    • best practice in career-related learning in primary schools
  • Providing digital tools and support to schools and colleges
    • Develop and roll out the Future Skills Survey to measure the impact of careers activities on young people
    • Develop a Provider Directory to allow schools and colleges to easily find a provider that meets their needs

A more detailed breakdown of our current funding is available in our funding agreement.

You can also view last year's funding agreement and grant variation.