The Government have published their ambitious Careers Strategy, which includes a greatly expanded role for The Careers & Enterprise Company.

Our Grant Funding Agreement with the Department for Education allows us to deliver on these new responsibilities. Below we have provided more detail on what we will deliver and how we will ensure value for money.

To reflect our newly expanded remit, this year’s Grant Funding Agreement provides us with three core objectives:

  • rolling out employer engagement,
  • supporting best practice, and,
  • testing and evaluating new approaches.

In previous years we have only worked towards the first objective, facilitating employer engagement with young people. This year, our overall funding has increased to take into account these two new objectives.

As in previous years, we distribute the majority of our funding straight to organisations working on the front line with schools, colleges and young people through a series of investment funds.

Objective one: rolling out employer engagement

We will help inspire and prepare young people for the world of work by rolling out employer engagement. We will do this by:

  • Expanding our Enterprise Adviser Network, so that by March 2019:
    • 2,900 secondary schools and colleges are part of the Network
    • 2,500 schools and colleges have been matched with a dedicated volunteer
    • 160 full-time Enterprise Coordinators are supporting schools in the network 
  • Supporting schools and colleges to increase employer engagement, so that:
    • 120 employers have committed to become Cornerstone Employers
    • 450,000 meaningful employer encounters take place in Opportunity Areas 

Objective two: supporting schools and colleges to deliver best practice careers provision

We will support schools and colleges to deliver excellent careers education by:

  • Establishing Careers Hubs to deliver improvements in careers education
    • Establish 20 hubs across the country, backed by a £5m fund
    • Recruit and train 20 full time Hub Leads to work across the Hubs
  • Providing training bursaries for careers leaders
    • Deliver 1300 bursaries to schools to train careers leaders
    • Provide resources and online training for every school and college
    • Build digital tools to support and enable careers leaders

Objective three: Improve careers provision by testing and evaluating new approaches

We will help improve the quality and coverage of careers provision by:

  • Delivering resources and guidance to support personal guidance
  • Delivering resources and guidance to support careers activity in primary schools
  • Support for SEND, disadvantaged and vulnerable young people
    • Delivering a fund to support employer engagement with SEND, disadvantaged and vulnerable young people
    • Updating our online Compass assessment tools for SEND schools
    • Creating What Works guidance for SEND schools

A more detailed breakdown of our funding is available in our funding agreement and subsequent grant variation.

Further details on how we will meet the above objectives are included in our Implementation Plan.