| Understanding the environment


In the report we highlight the accelerating progress in careers education during the last 12 months:

  • Careers education is now improving everywhere. Based on the measure of the Gatsby Benchmarks, national performance has improved by more than 50 per cent in that last two years. Disadvantaged areas are performing well.
  • Two million young people are now regularly engaging with employers and learning about the world of work.
  • Education is engaged – Careers Leaders are driving career excellence in schools and colleges. 800 Careers Leaders have taken part in face-to-face training supported by our bursaries. 81 per cent say they feel positive about the future of careers provision. 88 percent say they are having a positive impact on young people’s career and education outcomes.
  • 3,800 schools and colleges are now using our digital careers education platform Compass to  monitor and drive performance improvement – 74 per cent of all schools and colleges.
  • The new Career Hubs and the Enterprise Adviser Network are driving accelerated progress. In the last 12 months there has been a 56 per cent improvement in careers education in Hubs compared with a five per cent improvement in those outside the network.
  • 1,300 secondary schools and colleges are now in Career Hubs – a quarter of the state sector.
  • Young people’s skills and work readiness are improving. 73 per cent say they more aware of different careers and 72 per cent say they are  more motivated at school.
  • Schools, colleges and businesses are now working together on a national scale. Over 150 businesses  are engaged as Cornerstone Employers and more than 2,500 business people are working with  schools and colleges as Enterprise Advisers to improve careers provision.

The year ahead

Looking forward our focus is to maintain and expand the current structures which are working whilst continuing to drive consistency and quality.

Over the course of the next year our priorities are:

  1. Building networks: To ensure the next wave of Career Hubs continue to deliver improvements in career education, building on learnings from the first wave; to roll-out further the Enterprise Adviser Network to cover 3,800 schools and colleges; and to provide tools and support to enhance the provision of careers education.
  2. Supporting Careers Leaders: To support their professional development we will provide further training and support for Careers Leaders, ensuring 1,300 receive a training bursary. 3
  3. Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks: To help schools and colleges to deliver these standards through our targeted investment funds and digital innovation.