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Encouraging volunteering is now an established government policy and more young people are recorded as volunteering than ever before. 

However, there remains some challenges to increase diversity amongst volunteers to better reflect the population. These can be addressed through a well-designed programme, so what does that include?

This paper provides evidence on the benefits of involving young people in volunteering. Schools, colleges and providers of careers and enterprise programmes can use this evidence when considering how to support young people in this area. 

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In the report:

Introducing the background to volunteering and how the concept has become an established past of British society.

What is volunteering?
This section outlines the key characteristics of volunteering, the different types of volunteering and the current policy surrounding practice. This section also includes case studies from existing programmes showcasing examples of best practice.

What impact does volunteering have?
A closer look at how volunteering is relevant for young people and the impact it has on those making the transition from education to the world of work.

Lessons for best practice?
This section looks at the key lessons that should be considered by schools, colleges and other stakeholders looking to implement volunteering programmes. 

Download report [PDF]

Quick summary [PDF]

Video: watch the webinar