| Understanding the environment

In October 2015 we published our first Cold Spots report, and updated it again in 2016. These reports help us to understand where young people are most in need of careers support. We have now updated this analysis using current data.

We are using this information to help inform our priorities across the country, ensuring young people who most need careers support are receiving it.

Download report [PDF]
Cold Spots data spreadsheet [XLS]

In the report you'll find:

Prioritisation indicators by location (Local Enterprise Partnership)
Attainment and other Cold Spot indicators presented by location - in table and map format.

Case study - Northamptonshire
In this case study we demonstrate what warming of the Cold Spots looks like on the ground, with an example of a group of schools that first benefited from our network and investment model.

Progress since 2015
Looking back at three years of data, we can start to make meaningful comparisons about each area.

Consultation - developing the Cold Spots
Call for evidence on a consultation to decide the future direction of Cold Spots research.

Download report [PDF]
Cold Spots data spreadsheet [XLS]