Compass and Tracker offer Careers Leaders a way to self-assess their provisions and plan activities to address their gaps in Gatsby Benchmark achievement.

Our digital tools also offer ways of organising those Tracker plans and analysing progress made against the Benchmarks, meaning that today, the Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Adviser’s roles are somewhat defined by the CEC’s digital tools. The 1,700 Careers Leaders who use Tracker tell us they most commonly do so when seated next to their Enterprise Coordinator, as they discuss what their Compass results indicate is needed for the upcoming academic year.

But the job of joining the dots between young people and relevant employers/employer volunteers is far from over. While the nation has come a long way on Benchmarks 5 and 6, and Hubs have progressed especially quickly, we are not yet close to recruiting the 1 in 7 employer volunteers needed to give each young person an encounter per year.

We acknowledge that other tools exist to help willing volunteers deliver careers activities in schools and colleges. Within Tracker, we are now signposting inexperienced volunteers, sole traders, and others looking for volunteering support to Inspiring the Future, Founders4Schools, Speakers4Schools, as well as the other organisations listed in our Find an Activity Provider tool.

We believe we need to create a system that collects the needs of schools and colleges across the nation that are not addressed by these platforms—those hard-to-fill all-day events that demand a lot of volunteers, etc.—and surface those needs to employers.

Tracker: Enterprise (TE) is that system. It aims to break down barriers between businesses and young people. Specifically, the product should do for Enterprise Coordinators and Cornerstone Employers what Compass and Tracker (soon, 'Compass PLUS') do for Careers Leaders.

TE will help Enterprise Coordinators focus on filling schools’ specific needs for careers activities. With little effort, ECs will be able to show their local contacts a list of scheduled activities Careers Leaders have planned in Tracker and get them to volunteer for appropriate opportunities on the spot—the same activities ECs have sat with CLs to plan.

Additionally, TE will allow Cornerstone Employers to tailor a business profile that filters for the exact volunteering opportunities that are best suited to their employees. In this way, TE could become a corporate management tool, allowing Cornerstone Employers to shape the role around helping their businesses meet the volunteer demands of specific schools and colleges. Over time, employers may connect organically with CLs in their area on the platform.

TE should therefore provide more structure for the daily operations of the Enterprise Coordinator and Cornerstone Employer, removing barriers from the achievement of Benchmarks 5 and 6. From the Careers Leader’s perspective, TE is another tool to make meeting the Benchmarks seem an easier task.