Summary of local context

Our vision is a more prosperous, better connected, and increasingly resilient and competitive economy.

To achieve the ambitions of Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottingham the D2N2 Local Enterprise is putting in place the infrastructure and conditions that will support business and employment growth, including a fit-for-purpose skills and training system which ensures our young people are properly prepared for work, enables employers to access the skilled workers they need and supports people, including our most disadvantaged individuals, to develop their skills and employability to gain, retain and enhance employment and earnings.

The outlined approach to skills and employment is designed to avoid duplication, meet the needs of employers, deliver more joined up working, ensure programmes complement existing services and funding and to ensure these are efficiently utilised, match skills to employment destinations, remove barriers to employment and deliver a step change in performance across D2N2.

As outlined in the D2N2 Skills for Growth Strategy we will:

  • Foster enterprise and the characteristics of entrepreneurial behaviour, career adaptability and resilience
  • Raise the visibility of and access to career insights and specialist careers support for young people and adults to raise aspirations, participation, retention and achievement in learning and work

Key sectors and employers in the region

D2N2 has identified eight key sectors of economic growth: Transport Equipment Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Food and Drink Manufacturing, Construction, Visitor Economy, Low Carbon (Goods/Services), Transport and Logistics, and Creative Industries.

Summary of local project

The D2N2 Enterprise, Careers and Employability programme will create a network of brokerage between employers and schools, giving greater consistency by embedding the D2N2 Employability Framework and coverage across Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.  The programme is available to all 168 local schools and academies, some specialist schools and colleges.

Working with our key stakeholders, the National Careers Service Careers Inspiration, and up to 13 existing School Partnerships and Clusters.

The programme will create a network of volunteer Enterprise Advisers, drawn from the local employer business base, recruited by the D2N2 LEP and Skills Boards.  The Enterprise Adviser will be linked with a school or college, and provided with the tools to work with the senior leadership team to inform:

  • The development and implementation of an Enterprise, Careers and Employability Strategy.
  • A self-assessment evaluation and Enterprise Action Plan.
  • Accessing competitive future ESIF funding to support the delivery of the D2N2 Employability
  • Framework through CAREERS Local

Using the D2N2 Employability Framework we will aim to address the ‘mismatch’ between the employable skills young people leave schools, colleges and post-16 training programmes with, and the skills actually being sought by local employers.

The D2N2 LEP will:

  • Set out an ambition for all young people in the area (using a shared language)
  • Help shape practical actions by providing the D2N2 Employability Framework and a toolkit comprising of a self-evaluation assessment, the careers escalator, local market intelligence and strategic content
  • Shape a strategic response to commissioning to ensure that actions achieve goals, and that the cumulative impact of those goals is to achieve better outcomes for our young people and employers

Key stats

  • 34% employers offering work experience
  • 17% employers offering work inspiration
  • 24% 17-18 year olds poorly prepared for work (employer reported)
  • 31% 16 year olds poorly prepared for work (employer reported)
  • 4.9% 16-17 year olds NEET
  • 6.4% 18 year olds on apprenticeships
  • 29% A-levels that are STEM
  • 44% of STEM A-level taken by women
  • 54% pupils 5A*-C GCSEs
  • 15% pupils on Free School Meals


Organisations funded

Rebalancing the Outer Estates Foundation & ThinkForward
WorldSkills UK

Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire (D2N2)


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