Summary of local context

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire LEP (SSLEP) is an economic power house driven by a transformation of Stoke-on-Trent into a truly competitive along with inspiring core city and accelerated growth in our county corridors and urban centres.
The SSLEP is committed to ensuring our businesses grow, generate global customers, collaborate with suppliers, nurture new enterprise, drive innovation and draw in investment.
SSLEP established its Education Trust to ensure that the SSLEP gets ahead and stays ahead when it comes to education, training, skills and jobs.  It is a priority to develop a modern and flexible skills system, which enables people to upskill and reskill to meet the needs of our growth sectors and benefit local communities.
The SSLEP have identified 10 potential growth areas for the region.  It is these 10 key priority areas which will be targeted with the Careers and Enterprise Company project:

Summary of local project

The Careers and Enterprise project will work alongside the Locality Project, which was established by the Education Trust in 2015 to develop education and industry relationships to improve the work readiness of secondary school pupils.  The project has been supporting school policy and programme development to embed enterprise, employability and quality careers into schools strategy, curriculum and culture.  Both projects will be aligned with the current Department for Education Statutory Guidance, Inspiration in schools for governing bodies and the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Enterprise Advisers (EA’s) will be recruited to work with the senior leadership teams in schools to support at a strategic level the project aim of embedding enterprise, employability and careers into school strategy, curriculum and culture to create a sustainable model.  The EA’s will become part of an Enterprise Adviser Network (EAN) where best practice and business contacts can be shared to support the school. 

The EAN will also comprise of ‘Business Champions’.  The ‘Business Champions’ will be involved directly with the schools and young people and be able to offer various activities.
These activities could include:

  • Offering Work Experience Placements
  • Workshops
  • Work place visits
  • Attending careers fairs
  • Giving talks/presentations at events

Key stats

  • 31% employers offering work experience
  • 18% employers offering work inspiration
  • 32% 17-18 year olds poorly prepared for work (employer reported)
  • 36% 16 year olds poorly prepared for work (employer reported)
  • 6.2% 16-17 year olds NEET
  • 6% 18 year olds on apprenticeships
  • 26% A-levels that are STEM
  • 41% of STEM A-level taken by women
  • 54% pupils 5A*-C GCSEs
  • 12% pupils on Free School Meals


Organisations funded

Engineering Development Trust
St Helens Chamber
WorldSkills UK

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire


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