| Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks

This research is available to support anyone who is involved in mentoring to better understand good practice. We also used it to inform the development of our mentoring fund and campaign.

The paper argues that there is a substantial evidence base supporting the role of employer mentoring in schools and describes the strength of this evidence as ‘moderate to good’. It suggests that mentoring can have a significant and observable impact on behaviour, attainment and progression. The effect sizes are typically small but mentoring is a low-cost intervention. 

The evidence also suggests that if mentoring is going to be effective it needs to be high quality. This means that mentoring programmes need to pay attention to programme design, the recruitment and screening of mentors and mentees, the matching of mentors with mentees, the provision of orientation, guidance, training and support and ensuring that the relationship is closed down appropriately.

Effective employer mentoring (download PDF)