| Understanding the environment

In October 2015 we published our first research report aimed at understanding where young people are most in need of career support. This information will determine where to target our resources to best fill the gaps in careers and enterprise provision across England.

Since then we’ve been using this analysis to help prioritise our activity as a company. 

The research represents young people’s needs for careers and enterprise support as a heat map across the country. Colder areas are in need of more support, warm areas need it less. To measure the relative need of different areas we looked at a set of 'careers and enterprise indicators' at Local Enterprise Partnership and Local Authority level. The report collates indicators from UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and gov.uk and looks at a combination of deprivation, employer engagement and outcome measures.

Prioritisation indicators 2015: Cold Spots (download PDF) 

Prioritisation indicators: LEP level and LA level data (download XLSX)