| Backing the Gatsby Benchmarks

In order to do this we believe that it is really important to understand what the evidence says works. In this paper we explore the existing evidence base in careers and enterprise work and set out our approach to improving it.

The paper argues that we need to use all of the evidence available and to understand the relative strength of the evidence for different kinds of careers and enterprise activities.
We note that the existing evidence gives us some confidence that career and enterprise activities can

  • improve young people’s ability to make career decisions and their optimism about the future;
  • help young people to increase their attainment and be more likely to enrol in post-secondary education;
  • reduce young people’s likelihood of becoming unemployed; and
  • increase young people’s earnings after they complete their schooling.

We then highlight the value of the Gatsby Benchmarks as a model of good practice and highlight a number of specific kinds of employer encounters that are well evidenced.

What works in careers and enterprise (download PDF)