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Teacher continuing professional development (CPD) delivered by employers can refer to a variety of professional development activities where an employer is the primary facilitator of training. But what impact do teacher placements have and what can we learn about lessons in best practice?

This paper provides an overview of the evidence for teacher continuing professional development (CPD) provided by employers with the aim of clarifying possible impacts and identifying effective best practice.

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What you will find in the report:

Introducing the challenges young people face when transitioning from education to the world of work and identifying the need for high quality careers and enterprise programmes and the role of teachers within this.

What is teacher CPD delivered by employers?
Focuses on the need for teachers to engage with CPD in order to continuously improve teaching quality in a fast-changing world. 

What impact do teacher placements have?
Outlines the three likely outcomes from teacher placements with a focused look at each area.

What are the lessons for best practice?
This section outlines the five key themes which are associated with the success of teacher placement.