Strong evidence

High quality evaluations showing positive impact

Work Related Learning

Employers offer extended work experience to students in conjunction with traditional school based activities.

Enterprise Competitions

Longer-term business competitions involving employers where groups of pupil develop and run a small enterprise.

Mentoring With An Employee

An employee delivers one-to-one guidance and support to a pupil in person.

Some evidence

Lower quality evaluations showing positive impact

Skills Building and Citizenship

A student takes part in a skills building and citizenship including employability skills.

1-2 Week Work Experience

A student enters the workplace to develop insight into the day- to-day role of an employee in an organisation.

Workplace Visits

Students are taken as a group to a workplace and are introduced to its operation.

Employer-Led Career Learning

Employees enter the classroom to assist teacher in the delivery of traditional career learning activities.

Employer-Led Curriculum Learning

Curriculum learning (incl. STEM & MFL) co-delivered by teachers and employers, employees linking curriculum to their own experiences.

Enterprise Activities

Short-term enterprise activities delivered in schools can involve simulation of business challenges.

Comprehensive Careers Websites

An interactive website that offers careers information, support for careers decision making and potentially chat capabilities/helplines

Careers Talks

An employee delivers an informational or inspirational talk related to their career to a group of students

Employer Delivered Skills Workshops

An employee delivers lessons in the classroom related to employability skills such as self- awareness, timekeeping and communication skills.

Mock Interviews

An employee delivers a one-to-one mock interview to a pupil to prepare them for the job application process.

CV Workshops

An employee delivers lessons in the classroom related to writing CVs to prepare students for the job application process.

Limited evidence

Insufficient evaluation evidence at present


A student volunteers a limited number of hours per week around their school responsibilities or following conclusion of school.

Work Shadowing

A student shadows a particular employee to develop an understanding of their day-to-day role.


An employee delivers one-to- one guidance and support to a student individually over the internet.

Careers and Skills Fairs

A number of representatives from employers offer information about their companies and interact with students at an organised careers event.