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The confidence mentoring brings out in a person can result in some startling transformations in young people who previously might have lacked direction. [The Telegraph]

Top Tips for Delivery

E-mentoring is a flexible way to volunteer.
By sharing their experience, alumni can support a current student at their old school or college as they think about their future options.

Case Study

Mentoring has definitely changed my life. Without my mentor I’d probably be sitting around doing nothing but thanks to her advice I now have a clearer idea of my future.
Brightside mentee

Brightside is a charity that provide online mentoring services, in conjunction with educational and industry partners, to help young people access educational and careers pathways that they may previously not have thought possible.

For more information see: Brightside and Futurefirst Mentoring

STEMNET (the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Network) creates opportunities to inspire young people in STEM. Their network of STEM Ambassadors get involved in a range of activities, including giving careers talks, supporting projects in after-school STEM Clubs and helping students with mock job interviews.

For more information see: Brightside and Futurefirst Mentoring

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Careers Guidance & Inspiration in Schools: Departmental Advice for Governing Bodies, School Leaders & School Staff ; DfE 

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