Key Facts

Employer-delivered employability skills workshops can not only help to improve pupils’ motivation, they can also help improve key skills required to acquire a job.

Top Tips for Delivery

Workshops delivered in small groups can improve learning and reinforcement of information.
A high-level of interaction can help with information recall.

Case Study

The employability course really changed my life, and it has had an effect on my whole family and on my friends. They’ve seen how well I’ve done and several of them have gone back to college to get their qualifications, rather than just hanging out on the streets where they get into trouble. I think I’ve been really lucky.
Student, Deloitte employability course

Designed in consultation with employers, training consultants and further education colleges, the Deloitte employability course focuses on not just the practical skills of CV writing and interview skills but on the much more challenging aspects of personal and social skills development.

For more information see: Deloitte Employability Initiative

Link to Research
Tsang. T, Crowley. L, Cominetti. N, Jones. K & Reid. B (2014) LifeSkills - 1st_year_impact_ report; The Work Foundation 

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