Key Facts

Working alongside existing careers teaching, employees can enrich students’ understanding of career paths.
Getting people from the world of work into classrooms alongside teachers can be inspirational for students.

Top Tips for Delivery

Engaging with a range of different businesses, and individuals at different levels within them, leads to greater benefits for young people.

Case Study

I was impressed at how thoughtful our students are about their careers

I have found out what a career is, its not just a job

Student. Feedback by students Business ambassadors and staff at Manchester Communication Academy Fri 10 July 2015

Through the Careers Lab programme, schools have invaluable access to ‘Business Ambassadors’ who bring their knowledge and experience of the world of work to the classroom to help inspire and motivate students to start thinking about their own career journey.

With a flexible, progressive framework of teaching materials for ages 11-16, it’s a collaborative and proactive way for businesses and teachers to open students’ minds to the possibilities of the workplace, and to help bridge the gap between education and economic need.

For more information see: Careers Lab

Discover What Matters from Lloyds Banking focuses on young people’s strengths, capabilities and motivations. The programme includes lesson plans for teachers covering Individual Strengths, Career Orientation and Employability Skills.

For more information see: Discover What Matters

Link to Research
Mann, A. and Dawkins, J. (2014). Employer Engagement in Education: Literature Review. CfBT Education 

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