Key Facts

Resources developed in conjunction with employers can help inspire students.
For example STEM related material can help visualise what an engineer does and instil a more positive attitude towards engineering as a potential career choice.

Top Tips for Delivery

Allow plenty of time for planning Agree session timings and content Ensure employers are fully supported.

Case Study

"Design technology used to be all about bits of wood, plastic and metal, but not any more" Pop your head round the door of his classroom and the excited screams and shouts dispel the myth that engineering is dull.

Suddenly the children started to see science as being relevant to the real world.
Phil Holton, Olave’s in Orpington, Kent

National Grid is undertaking a range of activities to build people’s awareness of the importance of STEM skills including a range of resouces for teaches including stimulus material that will help deliver practical and engaging STEM based learning experiences and inspire students to develop their interest in science and engineering.

For more information see: National Grid Education Resources

Working with national employers such as National Grid, IMPARTIQ have developed a series of apps which help young people to understand STEM terminology in the curriculum in the broader context of work. Covering science, biology, chemistry, physics, computing and maths, the apps can inspire students by blending careers ideas with academic learning.

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Google Android: See Apps

Link to Research
Straw. S, Hart. R & Harland. J (2011) An Evaluation of STEMNET’s Services on Pupils and Teachers; NFER

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