We link schools to employers to help deliver world-class careers support for all young people.

Here's how your school can inspire and prepare your students for the world of work:


1. Access our network

Partner with an Enterprise Adviser and Enterprise Coordinator

We’ll partner you with an Enterprise Adviser, a senior business volunteer and our trained Enterprise Coordinator to support you in the delivery of your careers programme. Here's how:

  • Work with an Enterprise Coordinator - our Enterprise Coordinators work with clusters of up to 20 schools and colleges and can connect you with employers and careers providers in your area and support you in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • Partner with an Enterprise Adviser - we’ll partner you with an Enterprise Adviser, a senior business volunteer, who can provide strategic support in developing your careers and enterprise plan and build employer networks.

Find out more about our network.

2. Provide support for Careers Leaders

  • Online Careers Leader Training - Sign up to our free online training course designed with Teach First to learn more about the Careers Leader’s role. Visit the training registration page to get started.
  • Training bursary - We're offering Careers Leaders a bursary to carry our training with one of our 14 approved training providers. There are courses to suit a range of needs including both accredited and non-accredited options. Fill in a training bursary form to register.
  • Careers Leader Resources - We’ve created a 6-step guide for newly appointed Careers Leaders to help them make a successful start in their role. It includes essential information, resources and practical tools to get started.

See the Careers Leaders page for more information.


3. Meet the Gatsby Benchmarks with our tools

Evaluate your school against the Gatsby Benchmarks using Compass, our online self-evaluation tool.
Record and manage your careers plan for the year using our Tracker tool, letting you track your school's progress against the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.
Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit
Understand the Gatsby Benchmarks, a framework of eight guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges.
Find high-quality programme providers
Use our Provider Directory to find organisations to deliver high-quality careers programmes within your school.

Discover our definitive careers dashboard
Our brand new tool, Compass+, is an all-in-one careers provision tool.

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