The government’s Careers Strategy and statutory guidance means that all secondary schools and colleges should have a named Careers Leader in place by September 2018.

We are here to support schools and colleges with putting the requirements of the government’s Careers Strategy into place.

The role of Careers Leader

Careers Leaders are responsible and accountable for the delivery of their school’s programme of careers advice and guidance.

The person in this role should have a clear overview of their school’s careers provision, and manage its careers plan so that the school meets eight Gatsby Benchmarks by the end of 2020.

The Careers Leader leads the school’s careers activity, but this doesn't mean that they should be delivering all of it. The role involves leading the team, planning and managing careers provision and working with local employers, providers, and education establishments.

Are you a newly appointed Careers Leader in a school? Access our Careers Leader Guide to find out more about how you can make a successful start in the role.

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Who can be a Careers Leader?

Schools can choose to organise the Careers Leader role in a way that best suits them and their staff. So, the role could either be taken on by an existing staff member, or by a new member of staff.

You might already have someone in a similar role to Careers Leader working in your school. It is common for schools to work with an existing member of staff to support them in taking on the role.

There are several options to consider for the role of Careers Leader:

  • Middle Leader
    A teacher, or non-teaching member of staff supported by a member of senior leadership, this member of staff has overall responsibility for careers provision and combines their role with their other school responsibilities.
  • Senior Leader
    One of the school’s senior leadership team who is given direct responsibility for the leadership of careers provision.
  • Multi-school leadership
    Someone who is Careers Leader for more than one school.

Understanding the Role of the Careers Leader

Our guide details the role of a Careers Leader, with advice for secondary schools on how best to find someone for this role. We will be producing a separate guide specifically for colleges.

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Careers Leaders Training

We are offering a variety of training courses for Careers Leaders.

Schools and colleges can now register their interest for the training. Places for the training programmes will be allocated to eligible applicants who meet the criteria and will be subject to the availability of place on each course.  

Our procurement process to select the training providers is underway so more information about the training programmes on offer will be available in July.

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