Auditing your school's provision

Establishing your school’s performance against the Gatsby Benchmarks and comparing your results to other schools is a great place to start in planning or improving your programme. 

We have worked closely with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation to develop guides to help you understand the Gatsby Benchmarks and tools, such as Compass to help you achieve them.

Introduction to Compass

Compass is a free to use careers evaluation tool for schools that we created in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

You can use Compass to evaluate your school's careers activity against the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

Completing a Compass evaluation

Before you start your first evaluation, make sure you have as much information about the current careers activity provision in your school as possible along with the number of pupils in each year group.

With this information to hand your evaluation should take around 30 minutes, and when completed will identify areas for improvement and guidance to help you work towards achieving the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

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Achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks

Careers Leaders from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s North East pilot talk about their approach to achieving the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The rate of progress was more rapid when the Careers Leader was a member of the senior leadership team or reported to a member of the senior leadership team who had strategic responsibility for careers.

Ryan Gibson National Facilitator for the Careers Benchmarks pilot at the North East LEP

Compare your performance with other schools and colleges across England

Here is a summary of the national performance of schools and colleges who completed the Compass tool in 2017. The graph shows the Gatsby Benchmarks they have achieved, partially achieved and not achieved.

Benchmarks achieved, partially achieved and not achieved - nationally

Benchmarks achieved, partially achieved and not achieved - nationally

Source: State of the Nation 2017, The Careers & Enterprise Company

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