The government’s Careers Strategy, launched in December 2017, and statutory guidance published in January, set out a range of new requirements for schools and colleges.

We can support your school or college to deliver the requirements of the Careers Strategy.

Implementation Plan

Our plan sets out our detailed approach to supporting the Careers Strategy.

Implementation Plan [PDF]
Questions and answers [PDF]

More about the feedback process


What are the key points of the Careers Strategy?

1. The Gatsby Good Careers Guidance Benchmarks are a big focus

They are a framework of 8 guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools and colleges. They make a great place to start for planning or improving your programme. 

From January 2018 schools should use the benchmarks to guide their careers activity provision, if they don't already. The government aims for all schools and colleges to meet all 8 benchmarks by 2020.

Understanding the Gatsby Benchmarks
Gatsby Good Careers Guidance website  

2. A Careers Leader should be in place

 From September 2018 schools and colleges will need to have a named Careers Leader in place, responsible for running your careers programme.

We are offering a variety of training courses for Careers Leaders. Schools and colleges can now register their interest for the training, with places allocated to eligible applicants who meet the criteria.

Register your interest for training

Our guide explains what a Careers Leader is and provides advice on identifying someone to fill the role, including key principles and practical case studies from schools.

Guide: Understanding the role of the Careers Leader [PDF]
More on Careers Leaders

Training providers are invited to apply to become a provider of training to Careers Leaders through our fund.

Funding: Careers Leaders training

3. Local Careers Hubs across England

A Careers Hub is a group of 20 to 40 schools and colleges in an area, working with education and training providers, employers and career professionals to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Based on the successful pilot in the north east, we are establishing 20 Careers Hubs across the country which will be operational from September.

Find out more here. 

More about the plans for Careers Hubs

4. One employer encounter every year, for every student

By 2020 every young person should have at least one experience of work every year during school years 7-13. To support you, we will grow our network and offer a senior businesses volunteer to every school and college in England.

Our network

More about the feedback process

We received feedback from schools, colleges, employers and careers activity providers on the draft plan.

As we move forward with the implementation, we would welcome more examples of work taking place particularly in STEM, SEND, primary schools and personal guidance. To contribute your examples, please contact us at

Developing the Implementation Plan [PDF]

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The Careers Strategy also includes proposals investment focused on disadvantaged young people and new work on careers in primary schools. 

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